Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Appointment Update and MMM says the cow!

Everything went as expected at the GI specialist appointment, although Jax still hasn't gained any weight even with the extra calories, so we're doing a bunch of tests to see if we can find an answer for this chronic diarrhea. We got some blood samples done, and now I have to somehow 'CATCH' his watery diarrhea in bags taped to his bum. I got some this morning and plan to drop it off at the hospital after nap time, but something tells me it's not nearly enough for all the tests they want to run. I'm not going to lie... taping a bag to Jax's bum-hole and then getting it into a collection cup was pretty nasty this morning!

The GI specialist is testing his blood for Celiac Disease (which we've already tested for, but he wants to re-check now that symptoms are presenting), a full food panel and then checking his stool for things I'm not knowledgeable about (Reducing/Non-reducing substances, Qualitative fat, a1 Antitrypsin, Elastase).

The doctor kept asking me if Jax's feeding-practice ever included wheat or gluten, and while I'm sure he's gotten some gluten once in awhile, I don't see the quantity consumed doing this to him (he has a formula that's diary-free, soy-free, gluten-free etc). He only "tastes" things and not consistently. He's had diarrhea during weeks without ANY feeding practice, but we did the tests anyway to just make sure. We'll see how all that goes.

On a good note - the psych-feeding mtg went great. Jax did wonderful with her and our job is to keep increasing his pump-rate to get his food in faster, so he has bigger breaks off the pump for feeding practice (allow him to actually get hungry). So our assignment is to work on that. He'll see the psychologist again in 3 wks, and then 3 wks after that we have our big re-assessment with the entire feeding team again.
Jax was taking 3hrs to "eat" his meal (9oz of formula) when he got that virus in April, and now we've got him down to 2.5 hrs already, so we're slowly but steady getting him to a normal amount of time to consume a meal.

Jax has had a runny nose since Sunday now and vomited after his breakfast this morning. (sigh...) We're hoping the vomit was from gagging on some congestion... we'll see...

In development news - the boys say MMMMM when you ask them what a cow says! It's adorable. Brady is loud and proud, and Jax is quiet, but they certainly say "mmmm". I can't wait to tell their speech therapist on Friday morning.

Here are some pictures from playing at a playground the other night:

Jason kept shaking the bridge so the boys couldn't stand - such a nice Daddy!
They of course thought it was hilarious.

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