Sunday, August 15, 2010

Batter up

Our weekend was nice and sunny. The boys got outside in spurts to enjoy it without getting overheated. Jax has continued vomiting, but he hasn't had anymore of the scary episodes, so we're thankful for that. His butt is getting better finally with a lot of TLC and attention.
I spoke with the GI nurse early Friday evening and we discussed some of the lingering matters.
In regards to the diarrhea, she said our GI specialist does not think Jax has a Sucrose deficiency since his formula doesn't have any in it, but it DOES have fructose. Our plan is to get another stool sample (as soon as his bottom is healed enough to get a bag attached to it) into the lab for 2 more tests. The doctor said that if those tests come back negative/normal, then we're going to switch Jax to a different formula (a lactose-base) for a short time to see how he responds.
So that's the plan, and while it doesn't promise any solutions, it's at least searching for answers and trying different things. Obviously this could all still be the lingering affects of a virus, but we certainly have to look for other reasons when it's been going on now for almost 4 months coupled with weight loss.
Both the boys are improving with their receptive language. They are understanding things more and more each day. Brady did sign language for DOG and BABY during therapy on Friday. The boys sure do babble a lot in their turkish-twin-baby talk!

Jax and Jason hitting balls out to Brady in the outfield.

Batting practice!

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shawna said...

Hey, just wanted to throw it out there. Grant did horribly with Neocate. It has corn syrup solids. I have probably told you think before, but I wanted to repeat it just in case. I'm glad he is doing a little bit better.