Friday, August 20, 2010

Hoping for the zoo

Today will be busy. I'm bringing the boys to Children's Hospital for Jax's follow up with the surgeon to review his stoma site. I'm hoping to "catch" a stool sample from Jax since we'll be at the hospital to drop it at the lab. I've been waiting for his bum to heal enough to stick a bag to it. Needless to say, he is NOT happy about a bag stuck to his bottom this morning!
The boys did well in speech/feeding therapy yesterday. Their receptive is coming along nicely, but we're still working hard on actual speaking words. They will repeat a word back if said repeatedly during an activity, but it's not very clear or said unprompted. Think of it like, for the word BALL, they'll say BA. And of course our favorite, "MMMM" when asked what a cow says. Brady is doing better each week with sign language. He signed "eat", "more", "baby", "dog", "fish" during therapy - but only when prompted. It's nice to find a way for them to communicate until they're able to speak on their own. But we're working on it! Lots of songs, books and activities!

If the weather holds out, we're bringing the boys to the zoo after their nap to meet up with cousins - John and Amy! That will be a lot of fun, especially since it's Zoo A la Carte this weekend, so lots of yummy food!

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Jenn said...

As I have said before, my son was a late talker and I used sign language with him. It was great. He still uses a few signs but says the words with them. He still signs "thank you" since that is hard to say and people always think it is adorable because they think he is blowing them a kiss :)