Sunday, August 22, 2010


We finally made it to the zoo on Saturday since we were rained out on Friday. We ended up ordering pizza in at the house with cousins John and Amy. The boys had a blast crawling all over them. We had a nice time all Saturday morning at the zoo the next morning. We stayed around the yard all day Sunday and just spent the day in the sun.
Jax has a feeding consult with the pediatric feeding psychologist tomorrow morning at Children's Hospital. I'm hoping to catch another stool sample to drop off while we're there. The GI nurse called me and asked for one more sample for another test they want to run (she purposely didn't tell me what the test was for).

Our experiment to see if Jax would stop vomiting if we gave him his old calorie recipe seemed to work well for 3 days and now he's back to vomiting about once a day. We're stumped. I'll discuss this with the dietitian at the appointment tomorrow.

In fun news, the boys each do the sign and sound for ELEPHANT. How random? And that they BOTH do the same two animal sounds. When we were at the zoo we saw a big elephant and Jason pointed and said the word. Suddenly Brady made the sound and did the sign - AWESOME! They've both been consistently doing a moo-ing cow and an elephant all day. I can get Brady to sign DOG once in awhile, but he won't say "WOOF" yet. It's so neat to see some development!

Jax hamming it up on Amy's lap.
You'd never know that Amy is about 8 months pregnant with Jax covering her belly!

Jax being silly by the monkey cage with me!

The boys lookin' at fish!
I think Brady says "shhh" for fish.

We each took a boy on the sky tran over the zoo.
They LOVED it! They waved to everyone and they were SO good!
Here's Jax and I (Jason took the picture from the cart behind us).

Brady riding with Daddy!

Look at all the leaves on the ground during a warm sunny August day!

Having fun in the kiddie pool.

Jax took Brady for a ride and dumped him in the lawn.

Jay gave the boys a ride on the neighbor's trampoline!


Christy_jebsgirl said...

Oh my gosh! That sky ride gets me so nervous! My 20 mo old is so not ready for that...or maybe I'm not. ;)

Melissa said...

Cassie would have FREAKED out on the sky ride. Your boys are brave!! The fish are Cassies fav at the zoo.