Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jump, Jump!

The boys have been practicing how to jump and dance lately. They're getting the dancing down, but so far the attempts at jumping is just fun to watch. They squat their butts down and pop up, but don't quite get how to jump. Jason and I like to throw out some old school rap songs to get them waving their hands in the air and trying to jump. Yes, 90's rap is culture in this house.

Jax's diarrhea is persisting along with his vomiting. We are definitely making headway on his diaper rash. I'm hoping we'll be able to get a stool sample to the lab on Friday since we have an appointment at Children's Hospital Friday morning with the surgeon to review Jax's stoma site (which looks really good by the way). We've also decided to cut Jax's calorie mix back down to the original recipe to see if that helps his vomiting. We shall see!

Brady stuck inside a toy. Yes, I grabbed a camera before helping him...

Jax loving the camera.

Jax thinks it's funny to push Brady down the slide... hard.


Melissa said...

Adorable pics!!

Megan said...

haven't been around your blog in a while but thought I would stop by and say hi! and see how those adorable boys are doing! Looks like they are happy and growing like weeds!
Sorry to hear that you are having more health issues. My heart goes out to you and Your family is always in my prayers. you are such an AMAZING mom, Annie!