Monday, August 9, 2010

Must love dogs...

The boys had a pretty fun weekend. Rachel and her pugs came and stayed over Saturday and Sunday morning, and the boys had a BLAST with those dogs. They just love each getting a dog to drag around by their leash, and Brady is obsessed with "hugging" the dogs. We took a long walk to Copps on Saturday for some lunch and to let Jax try a milkshake. He tried a few tastes and was fine with it, but really only wanted his water.
On Sunday morning, Jax had a nasty vomiting "episode". It was one of his full-out shaking with multiple retches and it came out his nose. Poor little guy. Rachel brought up the fact that he seems to have these episodes when she's around, so we're thinking about getting Jax tested for a pet allergy. I think it's a long shot, but it's in my head, so you know I have to have it tested or at least discussed with the doctor. We have a cat at home, so who knows, worth looking at to at least cross off our list.
His diarrhea is still pretty bad, and now his bottom is rather tore up. I think I'll be calling the pediatrician if the rash doesn't show improvement by tomorrow morning.
We took the boys to the State Fair late Sunday afternoon and they seemed to really enjoy it. They didn't have meltdowns requiring to be taken out of the stroller, so that was an accomplishement! We did however have to give them every possible cup, straw, whatever to play with after the exciement of people watching wore off. We were there for over 2 hrs, so I would say it was a success!

Eating at Copps during our walk on Saturday.
I think the pugs must be down by Rachel's legs!

Brady terrorizing, I mean, running with a dog around the kitchen island 100 times.
Brady hugging a dog.

Brady loving the dogs...
This pretty much happened for 24 hrs.

The boys and I at the fair!
Mmmmm corn on the cob...
Notice their bare feet... the fact that we didn't lose any shoes was a miracle. We picked up their shoes about 5 times (they started a neat game) and finally we took just took their shoes from them!

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a. said...

Have you thought of Dairy allergies? My kids don't test postive, but the barfing the ensues after tells me different!! We've had to switch to gluten, soy, dairy and coconut free eating, but I'm not getting puked on all the time, so my life is better!!! Just a thought!