Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sharp teeth and memory lane...

We have a toothy little monster named BRADY. He has been biting Jaxon suddenly and it's pretty bad. He bit Jax a total of 5-6 times in the past 3 days and he drew blood twice. As soon as you hear them fighting, you have to SPRINT to them because you know Brady will be biting, and HARD! So please... bring on the advice!
The boys are covered in scrapes from falling down and fighting, along with mosquito bites and now nasty BITE MARKS! They're both pretty much big hot messes right now.

Tomorrow is a GI follow up for Jax with a psych-feeding session afterwards. Jax is still doing great with no vomiting, but he's still battling with the diarrhea. I'm hoping we'll see a little weight gain tomorrow.
The boys made quite the scene at the Baby Gap outlet store on Saturday. I had two friends with me, and it was still chaos! I would've totally made millions if it was filmed! I was mortified... oh yes, the terrible twos have begun!

Pictures of the boys at Krista's house.

Jaxon loving her piano while "eating his lunch".

Brady enjoying a snack at his table.

Brady helping with the vacuuming.

We took a walk on a trail in Waukesha. Jason shot this with his phone on a bridge.

I downloaded the pictures off of Jason's phone for that last picture above, and I found pictures from the past two years that really tell a story. I thought I'd share:

Jaxon in the hospital getting his first g-tube from the NG tube he got in the NICU.

Brady in his car seat.

I starred at these next few photos for a LONG time. I knew Jason took pictures of this, but I never went looking for them or downloaded them until today.

This is Jaxon during his motility study.
The screen on the right shows his nerve function activity in all the different areas of his GI system from a probe that is through his stomach and down his intestines. He has an IV because they put him under general anesthesia to place the probes.

We sat in this room for 8 hrs for the test. He fell asleep once and the nurse pushed us out of the room to get some food. We were told a few hours later that he had Pseudo Obstruction and would most likely live out his life on TPN... a shortened life, but we had to start thinking of his comfort.

This picture is quite the memory. Jaxon had a massive relapse from the stress of the motility test and ended up hospitalized on TPN. Jason and I were devastated thinking that it was the beginning of the end. Here we are with the boys trying to make them happy in Jax's hospital room... and I've started my first step of researching alternative medicine. I'm reading a pamphlet on medical acupuncture thinking this can't be our only fight...

Enough of that...This shot just makes me SMILE! Chubby Brady on Jason's shoulders at the zoo. A funny side note... the boys are still wearing those clothes from last summer, this summer!

This is Jason's creation. He likes to screw with Brady's hair when it's longer. And yes, we're in public in this picture... actually in a restaurant!


MFA Mama said... the pic of Brady on his daddy's shoulders--you can really see where he gets those eyes :)

Laura said...

Look how far you have come. I see a mama bear sitting in a chair with hope in her hand and her heart. You're so amazing. They are so beautiful. I'm so glad that Jax is proving all the docs wrong and he can do this. I hope that tomorrow is a good one, and that feeding therapy gives you a little relief. The psychologist is there just as much for you as for Jax, so remember to talk to him about your feelings about getting Jax to eat. They are there to train you and to figure out what will help him. Talking to the boys therapist is like therapy for me too, and I always feel so much better after we come out of those sessions because he gives me things that I can work with to get to our next goal. Big ((hugs)) to you mama.

Melissa said...

Ha!!! You and I have posted about the same thing. Were you at the Johnson Creek outlet mall? We were there yesterday and I just posted about Cassies behavior...its titled terrible twos. She is hitting and pinching and don't forget the high pierced screaming. We could get Brady and her together and let them duke it out. Ha!

Also...Cassie looks like she will be wearing fall/winter clothes from last year as well. We bought her some 18 month old clothes but they are still to big on her. So close to 2 and she can still wear 12 month old clothes.

Hope the visit at Childrens goes well today. I am sure it is crazy going there for appointments. I never look foward to it. We have to head back in November for follow ups.

Little Wonders said...

Annie, What a journey you've been on. From the day you found out your little dudes were mo/mo until today. Those boys are little fighters and huge miralces and you are one strong momma!