Friday, August 6, 2010

Some test results

I wanted to update yesterday, but was waiting to hear back from the GI office with some test results. So far everything is negative and normal including Celiac Disease and the food panel (blood tests). Whew! I was confident about these, but still a little worried. All but one of the stool sample-tests came back and I have to get one more sample in. So we'll have to get results of two more tests - I don't know what they're for, and quite frankly, I like it that way. I get worried and go google-crazy until results are in. I'm hoping this is all just viral-related, and nothing untreatable is found (cross your fingers too)!
So I have to "catch" one more sample of his diarrhea and get that to the lab. I want to wait until his latest diaper rash has calmed down a bit before taping a bag to the area. His poor little bum has really flared back up again. We gave him a baking soda bath last night, although we're not sure if it helped much.

The boys had speech/feeding therapy today and did well. The therapist is so happy to see their progress. They still sound like babbling fools to everyone else, but we see improvement big time over the past 2 weeks. They will mock what you say at times, like Jax was trying to say BLOCK when I repeated it while taking out the blocks. I'm hoping we can take them to the state fair this week and go see all the animals and make their sounds.

Poor Brady has a big fat bloody lip from falling down yesterday. I couldn't find the source of the blood at first and was so scared he knocked a tooth! But I realized it was his lip and got the bleeding to stop. Then he swelled up and looked sad. The busted lip and his runny nose make for a miserable lookin' dude! He's still his sassy self trying to bite Jaxon every time they wrestle. He nearly took off poor Jax's toe. I tried explaining "karma" to him, but something tells me he didn't understand...

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Michelle said...

i somehow stumbled upon your blog while trying to figure out my daughter's gi issues this last year. she was eventually diagnosed with celiac disease. i am sure you know this because you sound like you google as much as i do, but when being tested for celiac disease, you need to be actually eating gluten and in some people lots of it, in order to test positive. also, some of the tests and labs are better than others... we used promethius labs and their celiac plus test per the reccomendation of our natural doc. our "regular" gi specialist didn't mention the differences in labs but didn't care that we wanted to use a specific one. we had taken our daughter off of gluten prior to her testing and had to put her back on it full force to get a positive test. anyway, it doesn't seem like you little one has celiac to me because he isn't consuming gluten, so he in theory should't have symptoms... but are you sure that gluten isn't hiding somewhere in his food? it's sometimes there and you have to go through each ingredient and preservative one by one... anyway, hope you untangle the web soon!