Sunday, August 29, 2010


The weekend was pretty fun for all of us. We took the boys to Dennis and Rachel's pool on Saturday, and Nicole and Evan were there! Jason and I got to eat and relax out by the pool while the boys took their nap, and we went in the pool with them when they got up. Jax was loving the pool, but Brady wasn't feeling it. We realized that he was tired from his nap (Jax's pump alarm woke him up early) he rubbed sun block into his eyes causing his eyes to turn bright red and make his nose run and cry a little. Poor monkey. Once we washed it all off, he sat in Rachel's lap for over an hour grazing food off her and happy as could be. Jax would've stayed in the pool all day if we let him. We're thinking of joining the YMCA this fall/winter and getting the kids into swimming lessons and other programs. I'd love to have a place to run them around in the winter. Any suggestions out there for toddler Y-programs?

I spoke with the GI nurse on Friday evening, and apparently one of Jax's stool test came back with a score of -1 meaning he wasn't completely metabolising fat (thus causing diarrhea). The doctor thinks the fructose in his formula may be an issue for him, but there is no decent alternative for him. So we're trying to give him some Benefiber each day to see if it helps. This is a two-week trial. We're still waiting for one lab result to come back and the nurse expects to be calling me around Tues/Wed for those results.

The speech therapist was able to get Jax to drink a decent amount of milk from a cup. He (our therapist) is suggesting we start putting Carnation Instant Breakfast packets (less sugar than Pediasure) into his milk and really push this method of consumption. Jax is not liking food/liquid off his spoon lately, but seems very receptive to the cup.

We picked up some Carnation Instant Breakfast today and Jax LOVED it. He drank a decent amount (which to use like a half ounce). I'm putting his fiber into this drink (it clogs his pump lines) and it worked decent this evening. If we can get him drinking full meals, we can use his pump less and work on eating solids. That's one step closer that we're certainly working on. Baby steps.

Jax thinks he can just crawl up our pub-height chairs and sit at the table.
(Accident waiting to happen...)

Brady LOVES our old broken laptop.

Jason and Rachel with the boys and Evan in the pool.

Look at sad Brady!
He loves the pool, so we knew something was wrong.


Alicea said...

I make what I call "super milk" for Kyle. I mix whole milk, carnation instant breakfast and about 1-2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream in a cup and he loves it! We get the variety pack of carnation so he gets a good variety of flavors.

Have they thought about putting him on pancreatic enzymes to help with absorption? Kyle is on one specific to CF, but I think they have OTC stuff as well.

Melissa said...

We are joining the Y this fall also. I have acutally signed up Cassie for Toddler Gym (costs a bit extra since were not members) and it starts this week. I think we will become members so we can take advantage of the pool in fall/winter and because I plan on doing all the classes.