Thursday, September 16, 2010


The boys loved their gymnastics class this morning. Although, I got lost trying to find the place and in the meantime, Jax got VERY sick in the car and projectile vomited all over himself, the carseat and the seat in front of him. I felt so bad for him and pretty much had an anxiety attack at the moment.
I finally found the YMCA, got the boys out the car, cleaned up Jax and changed him once inside. We were a little late, but today was basically orientation with an open-gym type of hour. They separated the groups into the bigger and more active kids to the smaller kids. You can guess that we were in the more "active" group. Many of the kids didn't leave their parent's sides, and if you know my boys, that was not our case. They both go off in two different directions immediately and leave me chasing at least one of them at all times. They never cried and never pushed anyone else. If you can't tell by that sentence, that was the situation with many of the other kids. One little boy had it out for Jax and pulled him down a few times. The thing is, Jax doesn't care. He kept getting up and ignored the kid as if he were Brady. The mom felt awful and kept apologizing. The boys were just so thrilled to be there. They got plenty of hand sanitizer afterwards and I'm hoping to avoid any illness from it. We've got to break the bubble they live in slowly but surely.
All-in-all, it was really good for them to run around with other kids and work with a physical therapist on their motor skills.

I took the boys to Toys R Us afterwards to pick up a toy for a neighbor boy's birthday. I got the boys a $5 pack of HotWheels cars and let them have it after their nap today. You'd think it was Christmas morning here! We don't really buy the boys any toys between Christmas and their birthday. We let them play out what they get for the birthday until Christmas and so forth and then they get hand-me-down toys from neighbors and family. It felt nice to get them a little something out of nowhere and to reward them for being such good little men. As much as they keep me running, they sure are sweet little things. They are loving the matchbox cars!

We're going to cut back Jax's probiotics for a few days and see if it helps with the diarrhea. I've talked to a few people today and it seems that a high dosage for a long period can have negative affects on the GI tract. All this stuff I never knew! So it's worth a shot, we'll see how that goes.

I spoke the the GI nurse to the Feeding Clinic GI specialist. Remember Jax didn't see this doc during the Feeding Clinic, but he did obviously read up on Jax's visit. The nurse called and said the doc is not happy to see month #6 of continuous diarrhea, so he wants an EGD (throat/stomach scope) and colonoscopy done with samples taken from both to be tested. Jax has had 2 (maybe 3) EGD's performed his first year of life (remember when they put Botox in his pylorus during one of them?) but they never took samples to test for bacteria or other diseases and they've never done one thru the colon. I'm nervous about this (putting him under anesthesia and/or finding out bad news) but am happy to have the doctors take another look at his system. It should be a one-day outpatient procedure. I'm waiting for the scheduler to call me to set up a pre-op and surgery date. They want to do a pre-op appointment since Jax had a PDA while in the NICU. I'm not sure why that's all connected, but I'm sure I'll find out.

Pics from Gymnastics today
(I couldn't take many since I was running around most of the time!)

Tired after class!

Happy little boys after naptime with their cars!


Laura said...

I love the pics of these two running around, especially the trampoline which is tricky to learn to walk on. Yaaaay! Glad that they had so much fun at gym class.

Jenn said...

For some reason they look "extra" grown-up to me in that second picture! They do look tired in the "after" photo...too cute!