Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tea Party

The boys had speech/feeding therapy today. They learned how to have a tea party pretty much! They learned how to pretend pouring a drink, mix it up and drink it or eat from a spoon out of it. They fed a baby doll their pretend potions. The therapist wanted Jax to see that food and drink is for social interaction and not just nourishment. They really enjoyed it.

Jax was vomiting pretty badly when the therapist came in the door. I got him all cleaned up and changed and then got "the talk" from the therapist. I know it's hard for people to watch in person rather than just hearing about it, but it shook him up (the therapist). He's concerned about the vomiting and the continued diarrhea. He thinks that the doctors should discuss a GJ-tube if this continues. GAH! That broke my heart and upset me all morning. Bypassing his stomach would be a HUGE step back and shatter any hope of real eating and being tube-less for... geeze, I don't want to think about how long, but years.

I'm in no way ever trying to allow Jax to get dehydrated or malnourished, but I also don't want to give up on him and all the progress he's made. (sigh...) There's just never any clear cut "right" answers of what to do. I don't understand how or why a small child has to live like they have the flu Jax will see the Feeding Team with a GI doctor on Monday and another visit about 2 weeks following that with his regular GI doctor. I'm hoping we figure something out...

The boys playing with some dishes and play food yesterday.


Jessarella said...

(HUGS) Cute tea party. Jax is one tough cookie, and so is his mom! Love you!

Laura said...

((HUGS)) I'm not walking the mile in your shoes, maybe right next to them, but I wholeheartedly don't think he should be switched to a GJ. He's going to get back on track with this. Any info or ideas from the holistic doc lately? I know it's hard to get in to see him.

Little Wonders said...

I'm sorry, Annie. I hate it when medical professionals freak out about the stuff we deal with every single day. That's how I felt when we saw the GI doctor that admitted Amaya to the hospital :(
I'm sorry the therapists comments upset you. Keep doing what you're doing. I firmly believe little Jax is going to get better, not worse