Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Holloween!

We've enjoyed the Halloween weekend. The boys got to meet up with their friends Cecilia and Marshall at the zoo, meet their new cousin Olivia AND wear costumes off and on throughout the weekend while having a blast.
Both kids are in pretty good health. Jax lost his breakfast on Saturday morning, but he was having a temper tantrum and we were on our way out the door, so that wasn't totally unexpected. His new drug Cholostyramine doesn't seem to working as well even though we've ramped him up to the 3x/day. His diarrhea has snuck back, although it's not as watery. We know it's not the GI virus that Brady had last week since that virus had a fever and the smelly bacteria diarrhea that came every hour or two. This is Jax's old standard once or twice a day without any unusual smell or fevers, lethargy or increase of occurrence. So, we'll be talking with the GI doc about it all at the next GI appt as to why he just can't shake this for so long (7 months).

I have so many pictures to share!

I found Brady giving his doll (Ben) a nebulizer treatment.

Cecilia and Marshall were dressed as yummy eats - a cupcake and a berger!

Yup, same costumes for these cats as last year... they got longer, but not much heavier!

All the kids watching fish at the zoo.

Brady Beans - roar!

Jax wanted to pick off Marhall's sesame seeds!

Amy with new cousin Olivia!

John with his gorgeous girl~

Yes... the boys wore their animal heads as hats while doing errands around town on Sunday.

Just a normal day at Sams Club!

(He always wears my sunglasses - my little diva!)

I love excuses to make cupcakes!

Pumpkin Pizza of course!

My Berger Boys!


Alicea said...

Awwww, they are so cute and looked like they had so much fun this year! I can't wait for Kyle to be old enough to enjoy it.

Jenn said...

Love the pics...we did Sam's Club this weekend too :)

Melissa said...

Love the pics. Doesn't making cupcakes all cute make you feel like such a Mom? Its something the kids will remember you make holidays special for them.

Laura said...

Sam's club pics are the BEST!

Jenifer said...

The pics are great!! They were so cute! My favorite is the one of all of them looking at the fish! Adorable!