Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love Monkeys

We took both kids to the pediatrician yesterday. Jax's follow up went well. His lungs sounded great so we were instructed on future use of the breathing treatments. He'll continue to get once a day nebs with Budesonide each morning and use the Albuterol as cough medicine in a sense when he has a cold to counter act an "attack".
He's rambunctious and totally normal other than the daily vomits. Although he went all day yesterday without any and I stopped his pump early this morning when he was gagging, so he's doing good in our world. He only weighed 22lbs with his diaper and socks on though, so that's not great. We'll be reassessing at the next GI appt next month with a dietitian and further talks about other GI issues. Jax weighed exactly 22lbs on Halloween last year, so that's one full year. That certainly bugs me a bit.

Brady definitely has a GI virus right now causing all this diarrhea (and AWFUL diaper rash). His fever has lifted and we're just "feeding through" the virus. I'm going to switch him to soy milk this week to see if it helps. Ick, viral diarrhea is MUCH more gross than the daily stuff Jax would have. There's certainly a difference! The diarrhea is expected for a full 10 days, so that's a good time here! We're nervous that Jax will get this since it's almost impossible to keep things from each other that are so contagious like this. Let's cross our fingers that it stays put! Brady only weighed in at 23.5lbs, so really, he's only 1.5lbs more! Since he's got an inch on Jax, they look very similar in size. The doctor said they're all muscle, haha!

I will say it's so interesting to see these boys at the doctor's office. The doctor was squatting on the floor listening to Jax's lungs (because he wanted to sit on the floor) and Brady walked up to her and played with her stethoscope and her hair and then Jax scooted into her and was basically hugging her. She said she loves it when the Lettenberger boys come with all their affection :)
My little love monkeys!

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Jenn said...

How great that the doctor is good like that. I just realized how you have a 2 for 1 kind of thing for regular check ups...lol.