Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back off! I'm blazin'

We had a quiet weekend at home with the boys. We just ran errands, did a little holiday shopping and worked on some house projects. Jax's upset morning-tummy has remained. He can't get through any morning-feeds without getting sick. We're thinking of really cutting down his breakfast (even more than usual) and working more on oral food. I plan on using heavy whipping cream with milk and pudding to help with the calories. We'll see how that goes since he's been rather open to oral tasting lately. His diarrhea is sure not letting up, and his poor bottom is taking a beating again. I really wish we knew why his system is like.

Funny enough, Jax refers to me finally by a "name"... but it's DAA DA. He says it in a very particular way and always yells it twice in a row while running to me. I always correct him that it's MAMA, but no dice yet! He tried saying BELLY BUTTON with me, which came out in some crazy talk, but he tried. He's been trying to repeat words a lot the last few days, so I'm hoping a word explosion will be coming around soon.

Brady gave us a nice surprise on Saturday morning. Jason put him to bed without a onsie on underneath his zip up pj's and sure enough, he had unzipped his pj's, taken off his diaper and peed all over his bed. He thought it was hilarious, and gave Jason quite the lesson that Brady NEEDS a onsie on at night time to keep his curious hands off his diaper :)
That was funny.

We took the boys to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch today and they did AMAZING. They loved coloring, playing with a car and watching all the TVs with all the football games on. Brady ate his food like such a big boy while Jax kept sipping on milk through a straw, it was SO nice to get a meal out a restaurant (we don't get many!) and really enjoy ourselves. We snapped a few photos with Jason's phone:
Brady coloring at the table wearing his cool paper crown.

Jax's paper crown said "Back off! I'm blazin'"

Jason totally immersed in one of the games while holding the milk to Jax.


Laura said...

Loving the matching jerseys. Definitely a big word explosion due in your neck of the woods, very excited to hear what he has to say. Probably the answers to the universe.

Shannon said...

I love the picture of Brady drinking his milk... so reminiscent of my household and my husband when it comes to football!

Alicea said...

Love the jerseys! No Packers gear?

Annie and Jason said...

Alicea - there wasn't a Packer game that Sunday and Jason is a big Steelers fan. I am the Packer fan :) I'm originally from Green Bay!