Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coloring fools

The weather has suddenly been mild enough to play in enjoyably, so that's been nice! Jason is out of town again this week, so getting outside with the boys helps to break up the days. Jaxon's vomiting is still around in the morning, but otherwise through the day he's just fine with his food. His diarrhea is kicking his butt (pun intended) consistently though. I spoke to the GI nurse of the doctor through the feeding clinic and she confirmed the GI specialist and a dietitian will see Jax at his next appointment on the 22nd. The doctor definitely wants to discuss a scope and colonoscopy with samples to confirm that the diarrhea is truly "idiopathic" and not anything else. I feel so bad for Jax and the pain he's been having. We'll cross that bridge at the appointment.

We're busy bees with a chiropractor visit, gymnastics, PT evaluation and speech/feeding therapy to round out the week. We'll be at Children's Hospital next week for a NICU development appointment and the following week for the Feeding and GI team, and then it's the beginning of the holidays with Thanksgiving.

I brought out the last of the boy's birthday gifts and they were VERY happy this morning doing projects on these cool lap tables.
Brady holds his crayons perfectly, but Jax still likes the cave man approach.
I pulled these out after finding an entire area of the hard wood floor colored on...

Notice the TWO broken child locks on this cabinet door?
I was trying to eat dinner, while Brady was re-organizing my tupperware.

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Melissa said...

Love the coloring tables! We will be at Childrens Hospital next week also.