Friday, November 5, 2010

Energizer bunnies

Our last few days have been pretty typical. The boys got to pick prizes at the chiropractor's office for their winning pumpkins. Brady chose a pack of crayons and Jax picked some pink play-doh. The boys enjoyed gymnastics on Thursday morning and ran around like Energizer Bunnies! The physical therapist thinks Jax looks sturdier with his ankle braces. She'll be coming to the house next week to do an evaluation for in-home sessions over the winter. I don't want the boys in a group during the main cold/flu months, so we'll take a few months break. Brady was a major show off doing his somersaults in the middle of the singing circle during gymnastics. It was pretty cute. I'm finding that Brady has started to get a bit clingy to me lately when we're around others. Nothing much at all since the boys aren't shy, but I've noticed it a few times lately.

The boys had fun with speech therapy and also playing with the neighbor kids once they were home from school. Now we're looking forward to Daddy coming home!
Jax is doing pretty good healthwise. I've been able to avoid any large vomiting episodes by cutting his morning feed a bit short and giving him the leftovers throughout the day. He's had a few gagging episodes, but all-in-all, it's been rather good and I'm getting his pump rate up a bit more which is nice. I need to train his tummy to work a bit more normal and digest food faster than 9oz over 3 hrs. We're down to 2hrs and 45 mins, so we're working on it!

His diarrhea is consistent each day now. He woke up at 6am screaming, and I knew something was wrong. His poor bottom is raw again even with a pound of Vaseline and extra strength diaper rash cream to protect him. I hate that it doesn't smell, because if it did I could tell when/if he goes while in bed. He has such random stools. There's no particular time of day and sometimes he'll have multiple watery stools and sometimes only one with a normal-ish stool as well. It's all over the place. I just feel bad for his bottom if he goes at night and his skin takes a beating. We should be buying stock in all the diaper cream we go through!

We plan to visit new baby Macy this weekend and we're so excited. The boys get to play with Miss Layla and terrorize the Garber household like only we know how! There will be plenty of pics from this weekend, I'm sure!

Brady giving me his biggest CHEESE face after nap time!

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