Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)

Happy Thanksgiving! Well, I guess it's Happy Black Friday technically, but nonetheless, you all know we're THANKFUL here!
We were able to visit some family, attend a birthday party, get our Christmas tree up, half of the outside lights and plan to see some more family this weekend. All-in-all, we're busy and yet finding some relaxing time as well, which is nice.
Jax is doing pretty well. The diarrhea is of course always around, but his tummy is doing pretty good (knock on wood). We'll be getting the new formula on Monday to start Jax slowly into it to see if it eases any of his diarrhea issues. I tried calling the hospital today to check on the Neuro consult, but the central scheduling office was closed. I'm hoping to hear about the EEG and the GI procedure early next week.
Brady's "shyness" has really set in. I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but it seems to really kick in once in awhile now around adults or unfamiliar places. He did just fine at the birthday party today, but other times he clings to my or Jason's leg. So odd to suddenly start happening now.

Here are some pictures, and I'll have more to come by the end of the weekend...

Great Grandpa K with the boys.

Jaxon copying his cousins by rolling on the ground.

Brady with Father Dick (great Uncle)

A whole clan of cousins

The boys at a birthday party.

Oh the fun chaos!

Neither Jax or Brady sat for the group picture...
Brady ran ahead of us when transferring rooms during the party and this is what we walked in on. He sat himself down at a piece of pizza and some juice and made himself at home. We ended up leaving 5 minutes later because Jax didn't understand the group-eating portion and lets just say it was time to leave.

Jax picked up this little lamb and said, "BA BA BA!" He also loves to make a choo-choo train sound It's so cute.

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Laura said...

Funny, we had the same problem when we went to a friend's 2year old bday party too. Things were great up until it was time to eat. We made the boys sit in their chairs but had to hold them down to keep them there while everyone sang and ate. I figured they needed to know that it's expected that all the kids sit at the table and eat together, maybe C&E would watch and get the idea, even if they don't eat for themselves. It was not a pretty sight, we ended up leaving as soon as the food was passed out and the first bites were taken. Next time will be better.