Monday, November 29, 2010


It's amazing what you can get done in a day isn't it? Jason's "vacation" is over, and I use quotes since that he only worked from his phone for the week... well, and the laptop was out a few times, but we're back to the normal daily routines again.

Jax received his new formula today (Pediasure), so he's getting a 1/4 of that and 3/4 of the original formula for a few days and he'll get more and more until he's fully changed over by next Wednesday. We'll see if it helps his diarrhea and hope it doesn't cause vomiting.
Which has been back the last two days (GAH!). He's had an upset tummy at the end of his morning feeds, but I did realize today that he skipped his chiropractor appointment last week, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. We have noticed that when he's doing well, we start to push back his appointments, and lately we've decided to keep them at once a week (also because his hips are shifting from wearing his ankle braces). We'll see how he does after his appointment on Wednesday and the new food through the week.

Jax's EGD scope and Colonscopy procedure has been scheduled for Jan 4. That gives us 6 full weeks to see if the food change will truly impact his diarrhea (signally a fructrose malabsorption issue). The doctor said we'll have a good idea within two weeks of the full switch, so there will be no question if the procedure is needed or not. Poor Jax was up crying because he had diarrhea while in bed and it burned the side of his bum/top of his leg. How awful?
I played phone tag with the Neurologist office and our pediatrician's office. The hospital did not get the faxed paperwork, (of which was paperwork faxed from the ER to the pediatrician, and then faxed to the Neuro) so I had the pedi's office re-fax, then I called Neuro through central scheduling again and was told a nurse from Neuro will call me IF they got the paperwork. Um, how do I know if they got it? Wait another 2 weeks? It is a serious cat and mouse game to get an appointment there of which was told to me leaving the ER that I HAVE to do... seriously, I have 3 different doctors wanting this EEG, but it's like pulling teeth to get an appointment, ugh.

In Brady-news, he HONKS like a goose very loudly, all.the.time. Jay and I actually got headaches from the non-stop honks during bath time last night because it echoed through the bathroom. If you ask him what a sheep says, his response, "HONK HONK HONK", it's honestly hilarious, but wow, it's LOUD. He's also been covering his ears. He seems to do it if he's being shy and if he does something sassy. I laugh thinking he doesn't want to hear us yelling at him, so he prepares himself! That will make you feel like a great parent! Geeze that kid, he's so funny.
Although today he took a nasty digger on the hardwood floor and came running to me so upset. I hugged him and right when he was calming down, I saw Jax starting to vomit in the other room. I jumped up which upset Brady, who ran after me and then he fell AGAIN and hit his head in the same spot. I felt AWFUL, but at the same time I was helping Jax who ended up having a small choking episode again. Brady laid against my back crying while I was hunched over Jax, who was hunched over a basin. I always feel so guilty for not having one extra arm in moments like that.
After 10 minute of chaos like that, I usually just grab some coffee and pull out books on the couch to cuddle them both... (insert deep breaths).

Cousin Marley with the boys.
Brady was on the GO this afternoon!

Jax was more than happy to sit for a nice picture!


Angie said...

I love the picture of Marley and Jaxon!! It looks like it was a great time!

Laura said...

HUGS! I hate moments where there's just not enough Mommy to go around. At least they're now more fleeting than when the boys were tiny.

Evan is obsessed with a book called "Look Out, Suzy Goose!" I think Brady will like it, though it will encourage more honking. ;-P