Thursday, November 18, 2010

NICU development appointment

The boys had their NICU development appointment this morning. We're not surprised by any of their "grades". It always stings to hear, but nothing wastoo surprising. Both boys are being referred to the Early Childhood preschool for their delays at age 3 (to be getting qualified by this spring per the school district's rules), which is a hard pill to swallow, but I knew it was coming. The therapists said that since the boy's cognitive scores are so GREAT, they aren't worried that they won't catch up on all this some day, so that was nice to hear. They just need the time and the help.

Here you go:
Going from the age of 26 months for prematurity (28 months actual)

Weight - 23lbs, 14oz
Length - 33 1/2"
Head - 19 1/2"

Cognitive (play skills): 25 mo (yay!)
Fine motor: 27 mo (yay!)
Gross motor: 19 mo
Receptive language: 18 mo
Expressive language: 15 mo

Weight - 22lbs, 4oz
Length - 33 1/4"
Head - 19"

Cognitive (play skills): 23 mo (yay!)
Fine motor: 16 mo
Gross motor: 20 mo
Receptive language: 14 mo
Expressive language: 15 mo

So overall, Brady's speech is what will qualify him for the Early Childhood development preschool in fall if it doesn't take a big leap. Jax's speech and fine motor will most likely qualify him. Jax's leg braces are really helping him with his gross motor skills a lot, so I'm so happy to see that!

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