Thursday, November 11, 2010

Onto a neuro visit now...

Ugh, what a morning.

Jax had a weird puking/convulsing episode when I was taking him out of his car seat to go to the YMCA for his PT gymnastics. He went BANANAS and was shaking with vomit coming out his mouth and nose and then he was convulsing so hard he ripped right out of his seat and hit the seat in front of him. A man walking by saw it and yelled that he was calling 911. The Y staff came out to help and said they heard a child was seizing.
The fire trucks and paramedics got there and Jax was just crying and clenching to me. They checked him over and he was hysterical in the ambulance so they said I had the choice of driving him myself to the ER or them taking him.
Since he was stable, I took him myself to keep him calm. All the fire fighters and Y staff were playing with Brady and trying to clean up the truck from the puke. They're so nice. A fire fighter was *thisclose* to driving my truck because I was shaking and crying. I pulled it together and it was fine.
The ER counseled with our pediatrician and a neurologist and believed that he was stable enough to go home and see a Neuro for an EEG in the next week or so to check for seizure activity. That was a fun 3.5 hrs in the ER with two 2 yr olds by myself. Thank goodness I always have toys, snacks and the nurses provided a Blues Clues DVD!

I personally think he was choking on vomit and panicked, but obviously I have to let a Neuro prove that. I think that since someone saw this episode, it scared them. I know it's hard for other people to see these sorts of vomiting episodes that get violent, but I will admit, this one was quite severe.
Jax has been having more frequent morning vomits lately, but the "episode" type of vomits haven't been around too much. I hope they don't continue.

I'm ready to let this day end!


Alicea said...

Oh, Annie, I'm so sorry. I cannot imagine what that must have been like for you. I'm so glad the Y staff and firefighters were there to help you.

Sending lots of prayers, thoughts and hugs your way. :)

Jenn said...

Annie I am so sorry. Scary for sure! At least someone stopped to help instead of looking the other way! I hope all turns out well and your instincts are right. It would seem odd for him to suddenly be having seizures wouldn't it?

Melissa said...

Wow..that had to be so scary. Poor Jax. You are one strong Momma and those boys are lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that was your day! How scary for everyone involved. I'm sure being in his carseat didn't help anything. Hopefully the neuro exam will be all clear!

Laura said...

Love you! Hang in there, you're SuperWoman. The guy who freaked just didn't know it because you were all incognito with your cape and bullet proof bracelets and stuff. ;-)