Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So many experiments

Jax finally got a break with his vomiting today. I decided to hold off giving him his nebulizer breathing treatment until lunch time rather than first thing in the morning. He's been gagging while getting his breathing treatment, so I'm doing a little experiment to see if his stomach is too weak in the morning to get the inhalant. He took his entire morning feed and was fine today, so we'll continue and see if that has been upsetting his early tummy. There's always an experiment going on! His diarrhea continues, which can be hard on his little bottom, but we'll be discussing that with the GI team on Monday.

Brady broke out in some hives on his legs tonight. Our only guess is that it could be the fresh blueberries he had at dinner time. He also had some fresh organic honeycrisp apple slices, but he had the same kind of apple a few days ago. He's had blueberries before too, so I'm not sure what it's from. We'll be keeping our eyes on that now.

We have a busy rest of the week with a chiropractor visit, a NICU development assessment and feeding/speech therapy. Jax has been doing pretty good with his feeding therapy. He won't take many bites or many sips, but the quality of the open mouth bites of purees and straw sips of milk instead of just water are coming along.

I can't tell if this is sad, or cute. Brady took out a box with a picture of a laptop on it and is pretending to type.

And then off to the left is Jax SCALING the side of the stairs.

Our neighbors put up another toddler swing so both boys can go on at the same time!


Melissa said...

You sure have some sweet neighbors. I could totally picture Claire being a daredevil like Jax.

Laura said...

Your neighbors are awesome!

Doubly Blessed said...

scaling the stairs!!! So glad mine haven't tried this one yet!

Jenn said...

I think the laptop thing is adorable and very creative!