Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend pics


Poor Jax. His bottom was very sore from the chronic diarrhea on Friday and Saturday and he wouldn't sit down all day. Have you ever seen anything sadder?
A soaking baking soda bath and overnight relief on Saturday helped Sunday a lot!

The boys are like kitty cats... they love to sit in boxes.
Baby Macy!

I loved every second of holding her!
Jason forgot how small babies can be

Jax, Layla, Brady and Macy!


Heather said...

Ok, these pictures are killing me. Poor Jax with his bum up in the air. I'm glad it is better and hope it stays that way.

You look amazing with your hair like that, Annie!

Love the picture of all four of them at the end. Precious.

Candice said...

Have you tried hydrocortisone for the diaper rash? Might be worth checking into with the doctor. It's the only thing that helped our daughter when her rash got really bad.