Monday, December 6, 2010

Dental update

Brady will be seen by a dentist tomorrow. I spoke with the on-call dentist at Children's Hospital and he said that since we can't wiggle the tooth, he'll be okay until tomorrow and that the damage is already done. We'll just do an X-Ray to make sure the tooth didn't disturb the adult tooth buds resulting in extracting the tooth. The dentist thinks that will be unlikely, but we just need to check, and also examine the gums and position of the tooth.
Jason will be out of town, so tomorrow will be a crazy day alone with the kids for Jaxon's Neurology consult and Brady's dental visit, give me strength!

The boys excited about the present (personlized place mats) that St. Nick brought them.
Can you see Brady's uneven front teeth if you click on the photo to enlarge?

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Joel Haynes said...

Do any of them have any aversion to dental checkups? I hope not. The last thing you need is the two of them throwing tantrums on these visits. Well, it doesn’t look like that would be the case, since they seem pretty excited about it. I hope that dental visit went great. Have a nice day!

Joel Haynes @ Herrin Pediatric Dentistry