Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Things have been going well. Jax has been taking all 3 of his meals without any vomiting. I have the pump rate down pretty far so he never has a full tummy, but I'd have to have it low anyway since I'm in the process of switching Jaxon over to the higher calorie formula. He's doing well with the transition so far. It's so nice to give him less formula in a sitting. I redid my math and he only needs 7.5 oz vs 10 oz, so even at a slow rate, he's still eating his food faster than at his high rate on the lower calorie formula. So that all seems promising.

Jax is responding nicely to the drug (Ciproheptadine) and it seems to allow him to sleep easier at night, but I only got one nap out of him yesterday, none today. He drank 8 mls of formula by mouth in one sitting yesterday (that's ALMOST 1/3 oz), but today only wanted 5 mls. He's doing fine with water, which is good. He liked tomato soup last night and cheese sauce today. He always seems so interested and then is totally done after a few bites. He seems to get that he won't win the fight anymore with the directives, but it can still be quite the fight and struggle. That will take some work.

The boys are starting to really interact with each other which is nice. Today they played follow the leader with marching around and screaming like monkeys. Then they crawled and howled. It's loud, but it's good for them. Brady will refer to me at times as DAA DA! just like Jaxon does. Although Jax is very consistent with it and calls out from his crib for me to get him with DAA DA! It's quite funny, but man... I can't wait to hear MA MA some day!

Jax helping me with his humidifier tank.
His room has practically been a rain forest lately.

The boys pretending to make and eat lunch.

While Brady was having a snack after nap time, Jax got stuck in the chair next to him.

Brady wants to help!

Oh wait... he wants to do it too. Sigh...

*For the record, I actually felt really bad about this after I put the camera down and helped Jax. His g-tube was stuck on the edge of the chair and he was pulling on it when trying to get out. Awe... sorry Jax!

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