Thursday, February 24, 2011

A bug?

Jaxon had a rough night last night (Wednesday night) and was up vomiting between 1:20 - 3:30 am. This is totally out of character for him to get up in the middle of the night and get sick hours after finishing his food. His tummy is usually upset with volume, so I suspect it was/is a bug. His vomit stunk something AWFUL since it was actually digested in comparison to him consuming and bringing it back up rather quickly.
He was fine today, but he emptied his tummy half way through his breakfast like he's been doing the last few mornings. He took a 3 hr nap and kept his lunch in fine and was happy the rest of the night. He was crabby through speech therapy because he was tired, but he did decent in feeding therapy with holding his own Popsicle and rubbing in on his lips to lick off. So I'm keeping my eye on him and hoping he's not up again tonight.

Brady has been obsessed with his NOSE lately. He loves to put his fingers or toys in it, and now tonight he stuck his PEAS up a nostril during dinner and I had to fish it out! That kid! I also am trying to outsmart him by putting his zip up pj's on backwards. I never thought I could since they have feet, but hey, just twist them around! I need to keep his clothes on in that crib!

The boys were playing with their monkey backpacks and I realized Brady couldn't wear his the way pro-Jax can!

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