Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy little men

Let it be known that Jason is no longer ever allowed to wake up on Sunday mornings and say, "Is it Monday yet?"... that about sums up the boy's behavior over the weekend.
They were monsters no matter what we did or where we went. There were many tantrums and many time outs on the naughty couch! There was even one immediate "take out to the car from the store" moment. I'm hoping this week proves to be a bit calmer.

Jax's tummy is still upset if his tummy gets too full, so he's had a lot of puke this weekend. I thought he did well over his nap time today, but it turned out he ripped his tube out and fed the bed. He's been keeping his nightly feed down, so that's at least nice. I'm just putting the pump much lower and giving him modified feeds to see how he does this week.

Brady has been "singing" a lot lately. If someone is singing on TV or the radio, he sings along in his Brady voice. He must dance at all times when hearing a good beat as well. I LOVE listening to him sing with his goose-honking voice, it's adorable. We think he said "hot" when he sat in the bathtub tonight. He thinks hot= warm since I tried teaching him that touching the oven was HOT and dangerous, so I had him feel the warmth to associate the word. So it's possible he said it when sitting in the warm water. I've been working on shapes with the boys by drawing them on their magnadoodle, and Brady seems to be able to point out a star and circle... sometimes :)

Brady has also proven he can no longer be in his crib unless he has backward pj's on and that includes nap time. He took his pants and diaper off (under his onsie) again on Saturday and peed everywhere. He was SO upset when I came to get him (I may have scared him with my reaction when I walked in) that he was in a meltdown mode for a good 20 minutes after that. So now we put the pj's on backwards, and so far, so good.

Otherwise, business is as usual around here. Our snow blower broke, which is almost comical at this point if you know us. Every 4-6 wks, something major breaks with the house, our car or our appliances/machines of some sort. It is never, ever ending. We just replaced the struts in our SUV 2 weeks ago, we're finally replacing the carpet that was ripped out last July from a leaking pipe, we planned on fixing our AC unit in April which broke in July (along with our furnace) and now... the snow blower... of course! If I gave you a list of everything from just the past year, you would have to chuckle with how long and downright silly the list is. Ahhh yes, such is life!

We have a busy week of appointments, and a fun visit planned over at Casa de Bonins after the chiropractor tomorrow. We hope everyone's week starts off great!

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Melissa said...

Was it a full moon or something in the air this past weekend because Cassie was horrible as well. Sunday was a nightmare! It was so out of character for her. We had a battle of wills today also and there were multiple time outs and crying so hard I thought she would vomit. Where did my sweet girl go?