Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Decent weigh-in!

I was quite shocked at Jaxon's appointment yesterday. He actually gained some weight! He weighed in at 22lbs 15 oz, yay! I met with the pediatric psychologist and the dietitian and they were so pleased to see that Jax made it through a fever and cold without a hospitalization or weight lose. I'm really learning how to manipulate his pump rate and food volume to avoid dehydration decently.
Jax is getting better, but he's definitely not 100% yet. He still needs a rather slow pump and will have a vomiting episode about once a day. Last night I thought he went the entire day without a vomit, but he woke up when I took him off his pump last night and had quite the tummy-emptying episode. His diaper was also filled to the brim, so I don't think he was in a deep sleep when I came in.
My job is to work on getting his pump rate back up very slowly, but not to push him. The boys have rather runny noses today (where does this come from??) but were wrestling most of the morning, so nothing that's too big of deal at all. I'll be wiping noses and hopefully avoiding vomit today, I hope the rest of you have a good day! :)

Update: Jax is actually not keeping much food down again and his poo has gotten runny, as well as his nose. Looks like I'll be slowing the pump down even further and starting his humidifier back up to see if it helps.


Heather said...

Hey girl... I hope that soon enough you will be turning his pump back up. Hoping the runny noses and poops are over already or soon!

Heather said...

BTW, have I told you that I can NOT wait to meet you next month? Woohoo!!!