Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mmmm popsicles!

The boys are doing well. Jax's tummy seems to be doing a little bit better and he's held down the last few meals just fine. It's time to slowly work his rate back up now.
The boys did well in speech therapy today working on UP and DOWN. They say "UH" and "DAW" and point in the directions. Jax tried a juice popsicle today. He liked it against his lips to taste, but when the therapist took a spoon of it to his mouth, Jax was NOT happy with that. But he didn't gag, so that's a plus! Although he wouldn't open his mouth anymore after that, not surprisingly!
Brady has been taking his pants and socks off every chance he has. He loves to take them off in the bathroom and stand by the toilet like Dad. He has zero clue WHY Dad does this, but it's nice to see him copy some of it.

Jax's first popsicle taste!

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