Friday, February 4, 2011

On the mend

We're trying to finish this nasty bug up in the house. I've been able to manipulate Jax's pump enough to where he only had 1 vomit yesterday, but also not his full amount of food. I've got him on a very low pump rate of 60ml's/hr (2 oz every hour) and I only gave him 5 oz of food this morning at the very slow rate. He still vomited, but he was having a meltdown when he did it, and only a little came up since the slow rate allows him to digest most of his food before he can accumulate too much food in there. So he's staying hydrated and hopefully he'll be able to handle more food in his tummy over the weekend.

He had a very runny nose this morning, so it was good timing to start him back up on his medication that he was on a 2 week hiatus of. It's an antihistamine, so it should dry him up when sleeping and laying down and hopefully cause less gagging. He's enjoying a long nap right now on a slow pump and I'll keep you all updated!

Jaxon yesterday. Lookin' a little sick, but still smiling.

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Alicea said...

I hope he feels better soon!