Wednesday, February 23, 2011


(Sigh...) Well, it finally happened. Brady took his pants off while in his crib during his nap and managed to get his diaper off and pull it through his onsie. I walked in on a HUGE mess of poo all over the crib, blankets, sheets, pillows and himself. Needless to say he went directly into the tub and once he was clean, I had to strip his bed, disinfect the bathroom floor, bag up the sacrificed onsie and start laundry so I could have his bed ready before bedtime.
The funny thing is that Jax woke up that morning with a diaper busting at the seams with poop which just confirms our decision of going up a size in diapers on our next purchase (the boys have been in a size 4 for more than a year). And the other odd thing is that I changed Brady's diaper right before his nap and while we were walking up the stairs, he pooped, which annoyed me that I had to change him again just five minutes later... so walking in on such a poopy mess just 2 hours later was not fun.

After the boys went to bed, I threw potatoes in the oven, bleached out the boy's bathtub, showered myself and then ate a loaded potato that could not have had much nutritional value after I was done with it. Yes, it's the little things in life that make me happy.
Hey Jason, if you're reading this, you're not allowed to complain about not sleeping well in your hotel when I talk to you tomorrow, mmkay!

The boys are actually starting to "chill" by one another once in awhile.
Yes, that's Jax drinking his water from the cup.
(Please ignore the random clothes, Jax vomited on himself AND Brady and I grabbed clean clothes from the basket.)

Oh this steals my heart! Brady pretended to feed every single animal his cracker before putting them each away.

I should've known how today would go. Here are the boys at 7am this morning waiting for me to get Jax's backpack and Brady's breakfast ready. Notice he took off his pj pants. (sigh...)


Craig & Shannon said...

Oh Annie, I guess I spoke too soon in my email yesterday! You are a constant reminder of what I have to look forward to:)

Jenn said...

The boys are looking so big!