Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sick bunnies

It's hit the entire house. The boys both had fevers today and Jax didn't keep any food down. I let his tummy calm down from his last afternoon vomit and then hand-syringed in 10ml's of Pedialyte every 20 minutes, which equaled a total of 1.5 oz. Then I gave him Zofran (anti-vomiting medication) 15 minutes before bedtime and then started 7 oz of food on a very low rate of his pump. He fell asleep fast even with a 2 hr nap, so time will tell how he does through the night.
I gave Brady some Tylenol for his fever and he's soundly sleeping as well. Jason called in a plow for our driveway so I have access out if need be. I hope this doesn't last very long!

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Doubly Blessed said...

Yuck, I'm sorry. Hope they heal up quickly!