Thursday, March 31, 2011

For love of the game

The boys did well in speech therapy today. They each would lose interest at different times and wander off so the therapist could do some one-on-one time with the other. I was shocked to see Jax recognize some letters, well... at least it seemed like he did with his babbling of the letter R and I and I think a B! He definitely calls Brady BaaBaa in a few different variations which is pretty cute.
We've started oral taste practice again, and Jax did well on Wednesday night with me for dinner trying mashed potatoes and even drinking some juice. He sat with his own bowl and never threw anything. He liked stirring his own food, and would taste the potatoes off his finger. I was excited to show the therapist today, but of course, Jax was NOT into feeding therapy today and pretty much squirmed and cried through the entire session.

Jax had his physical therapy follow-up this afternoon as well (which he whined and cried and clung to me through a good portion of it), and he still exhibits some issues with his right trunk from his torticollis issues. I'm going to ask the chiropractor to start adjusting his hips, although now that I think of it... I think she may have been doing this all along. We need to be more diligent about specific exercises for him. Jax will be needing the next sizing in Sure Step braces, so he'll definitely be wearing them for at least the next 6 months. I need to get on the horn and get the appointment process going for that whole fitting process again.

The summer Parks & Recreation Activity Guide came to the house today, and there's finally a few things the boys are old enough to do this summer. Jason is pumped to do a 3 year old T-Ball course. We'll have to wait for the August program so the boys are officially old enough, and while I'm sure they'll be the smallest and most developmentally immature, it would still be great socialization for them. Of course I'm sure Jason believes this is the beginning of their sports-greatness, although I'm envisioning some flower picking in the outfield and hitting each other with bats, but nonetheless... it's for the love of the game ;)
We also want to show Jax that there are NO limitations to what he can do regardless of how he receives his food, how he's able to walk and run with a little help, and of course, we'll have the nebulizer in the car at all times. The pediatrician said that once he's able to understand how to use a hand-inhaler, we'll discuss his needs and she will make sure he can do anything and everything he wants to do physically at a very safe level. We know that both boys have a rather heavy speech delay, but we also know they have decent receptive understanding, so we still want to give them all the opportunities to socialize and try to learn structured activities (especially outdoor ones in non-flu season). We're very conscious of making these boys as happy and healthy as possible with as much hope as one could possibly have.

The boys chase and wrestle each other for the better part of most days now.
Jax is usually the one to do the "take down".
(and no, I can not get enough of these photos...)

Doesn't he look good with a bowl of food in front of him?

Mmmm, small tastes, but they're tastes!

Can you tell I'll be begging the Feeding Team for more invasive help? I want this child eating!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to normal

Things are getting back to normal at home. Jason left early this morning for Missouri and will be gone until late Thursday night. Jaxon is doing well other than a sensitive tummy to volume a bit, which is expected with his history when getting sick. He's quite clingy for a good hour after waking up in the morning and from his naps which makes things hard to move around the house. The boys are both doing well with trying to repeat words, but it's their usual first part of a word, like AH for arm, or HA for hand.

Jax has a lot of tissue prolapse coming out of his stoma site from all the coughing and heaving he did last week. I'm applying silver nitrate sticks to help it, but it makes the worst bloody mess all over his shirts and stoma dressing. I hope it heals up quickly!

We have a busy few weeks with some upcoming appointments. This week Jax has his physical therapy review to see if he needs to continue with a new pair of Sure Step foot braces, and he'll see the chiropractor again, and also the speech/feeding therapist. Next week the boys will be meeting with the county school rep to talk about the boys transitioning to developmental preschool in the fall if one or both meets the requirements to attend. And then of course the usual chiropractor and speech/feeding therapy sessions later next week. The following week after that, Jax will be seeing the GI/Feeding Team at Children's Hospital. They'll determine if he's medically stable yet to attend the inpatient feeding therapy.
Since Jax has taken such a big medical hit with his pneumonia, I'm nervous he won't show a big enough weight gain, or volume tolerance in his tummy by that appointment. Which means we'll have to go another 3 months before trying to get in again.
As usual, we shall see!
Here are a bunch of pics, enjoy!

Brady is pretending to be the muppet on Play with me Sesame that bangs on her piano. It reminds me of Beethoven from Charlie Brown.

Jax was the singer of the band this afternoon!

Once again, I told the boys to give each other a smooch and when
Brady refused, Jax tackled him.

Not sure how or why Jax moved the kitchen to the middle of the room...

Classic Brady. Upside down without pants, pen all over his hands and picking his nose.

Bath time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello everyone! It's good to be home. I had such a nice time seeing all my MoM friends (aka - the MoMfia, aka - the sisterhood of the motherhood). I was able to get in at about 10pm on Thursday evening, so I got all of Friday and Saturday to enjoy the beautiful city of Savannah and it's weather with some fabulous girls.

I came home to some SMILEY little boys today and it appears that Auntie Rachel taught Jax to growl like a pirate as his new animal sound - don't you just LOVE it?! Jax looks so great other than needing to gain some weight back. He's been back to full feeds this weekend, so hopefully he can play catch up now. I hear Brady has gotten his pj's off twice now and covered himself in his own poo. I think we need to do some duct tape around his diaper rather soon. He's not ready for potty training, so we'll have to figure something out!

In other great news, Shannon and Craig had their baby twins late on Friday night. I was so disappointed to be out of town when it happened, but as I know, preemie-twins wait for no one. Mommy and the babies are doing well. Miss Kelsey weighed in at 3lbs, 6oz and Mr Drew weighed in at 3lbs, 4oz. My big guy Mr B was right in between their weights. These babies were born just shy of 34 weeks and require no oxygen, but will need to learn to eat, keep their temperatures and remember to breathe. We're hoping for a quick NICU journey and to get them babies home with Mom and Dad. These babies are SO CUTE!

Beautiful little Kelsey

Handsome Drew

Some of my beautiful MoM friends

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We came home at 9am this morning and we're loving it! Jax is doing well, although his tummy bothered him this afternoon after his nap. We gave some Zofran and replaced two ounces of his formula with Pedialyte to make it a little thinner for him. He was so much happier in the evening.
He was very clingy when we got home, but he ended up letting go and running around a bit and he got a nice warm bath to wash away the hospital. I think he's loving his own crib again, I know we'll like our own bed!
I was supposed to leave on my national MoM trip (mother's of multiples) today, but obviously I canceled that a few days ago. Between Jason and another great MoM (hi Kim!), they got my flight moved back so I could still attend a few days of the trip that I had been helping plan for the past 6 months. So while I'm being kicked out for a little bit, Jason and Auntie Rachel are on the case. Here are a few pictures from the last few days,

Kim sent Jax some balloons that he LOVED!

Jaxon tackling Brady at home over the balloons.

And here... well, Brady has claimed and is sitting on a balloon!
And now the poor balloons are at the top of our 2nd story vaulted ceiling in the foyer - OOPS!!

He did great and he's out!

Jax did very well last night and his pediatrician signed his discharge papers at 6am! I'm packing things up and we're waiting for his last dose of meds before going home. I just wanted to let you all know he's doing great and will be back in his own house in a few hours! I'll update how he does being home and seeing Big B again :)
yay, he kicked it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still needed O2 support through the night

Jax needed a little oxygen support last night, so he bought himself another day in the clink here. He's much more bright and alert and saying BYE BYE to the nurses when they come in, so that's nice to see. So... let's hope for a good night tonight so we can get this peanut home!

Brady is doing well with his cold symptoms, and I'm feeling much better. Jason said that Brady ripped our entire window blind system down off a window in the living room. Yeah, that's nice.
Ha! I wish Jax was home being that destructive! Ah yes, my life fulfilled with constant perspective.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick update

Jaxon was doing a lot better today. He had his oxygen off for most of the day, but still needed it for a little bit and Jason just told me he needed some at bedtime. He's getting more food and doing well with that.
He's doing much better today and we're definitely hoping he's able to come home tomorrow. I'm trying to do as much as possible with keeping the house in order, groceries, Brady, cleaning and of course getting my own rest, but it's certainly a challenge in times like these. We're hanging in there and hoping for a great day tomorrow.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still in the clink

Jax wasn't a whole lot better this morning, although he did get his oxygen need down to a 1/4 liter. We gave him 3 oz of food over 2 hrs for breakfast and lunch and then are giving him 4 1/2 oz of food over 3 hrs for dinner right now. If he does well with this food tonight, he'll get 6 oz of food over 3 hrs for breakfast and we'll be close to his full feeds then. There's no more fever, so now it's just how well his lungs can kick this.

I just left the hospital to come put Brady to bed (he was home with Rachel) and to get some more rest - Jason is on Daddy-duty with Jax. I went to the doctor myself on my way up to the hospital this morning, and am told my lungs sound clear, so it's most likely the nasty virus that Jax has, although the doctor did write me an Rx for an antibiotic to hold on to and use if I don't get better in two days. That was very thoughtful of him. I feel like a crazy lady since I broke down BAWLING to this complete stranger when he asked the simple question, "have you been around anyone sick recently?". Seriously, I should get a bill in the mail for therapy from this man. He called me later this evening to mention that I left before they could catch me. Apparently my heart rate is rather elevated, and he wants me to monitor myself over the next two days. He said that the most likely culprit right now is anxiety, but to go back in if it persists. He was on topic of my mental health and exhaustion for a bit. Awesomesauce.

Brady has a cough and a bit of a runny nose, but he's still running around like a wild monkey. He seems to be doing fine with the cold and I hope it stays that way. I just got a text from Jason that Jax was smiling and singing with Elmo just now, so that will help me get some good sleep tonight and hope for the best tomorrow. I had a very nice quiet 4 hrs with Jax snuggling on a recliner while he napped, and I rested while watching old Lifetime Television Movies.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Admitted with pneumonia

Jaxon was not doing well yesterday. He was still running a fever and was very lethargic even though he was hydrated through the night. I had an appointment with the pediatrician later in the afternoon after his nap. I was hoping he would perk up after a nap, but instead he started coughing so hard and gagging over and over repeatedly. He vomited rather violently and I just knew something had changed and he was definitely worse.

I called Jason and told him to come home immediately. I called the doctor and asked if she could see us sooner, otherwise we were headed to the ER again. They could get us in rather soon, so we left Brady with the neighbors and rushed to the doctor's office.

Jax's O2 registered at 82 so they threw an Albuterol mask on him immediately. He then registered at 86 so the pediatrician quickly put oxygen on him at 5 liters and he was going up to the low 90's and then suddenly his eyes were rolling back and he was fading before our eyes. They called the ambulance and the doctor gave Jax a steroid and the transport team was there. I was crying while holding Jax and Jason was watching everything with wide eyes.

Jax stabilized and we went for an ambulance ride to Children's Hospital where he was admitted with a plan from the pediatrician (she rocks). The consensus was that Jax had developed pneumonia or his lungs were failing from the virus with his past chronic lung disease. He had an X-Ray and it was determined that he did in fact develop pneumonia. The plan was to give him an IV, take blood samples and start fluids and antibiotics. He wasn't able to get his IV until midnight since it took four pokes to get one in. He has such poor "NICU veins" they said.

Jax and I tried to get some rest, but it's hard when someone is coming in so often. Jax wasn't a ton better this morning, but then again, he hadn't been getting his antibiotics for very long. He's still on about 1 liter of oxygen, but we gave him some Zofran and Pedialyte through his tube to start using his tummy again, and he did great with it. So now we're going to start a pump of one ounce per hour of half strength formula with Pedialyte over 3 hrs tonight. If he does well, then we'll start increasing his food tomorrow. His blood work came back good and he actually showed to be decently hydrated since we did all the overnight Pedialyte pumps. His white blood count showed a possible infection which is another indicator of the pneumonia. Our goal is for him to keep food down through his tube, and for his oxygen levels to even out without the use of forced oxygen. We're hoping to see him really turn the corner tonight.

I'm glad to get a "diagnosis" and a treatment during an inpatient stay, I guess that's the silver lining I'm going to find out of all this. And also that we were able to get him to a doctor in time when his lungs really started failing him. I'll admit that I'm a bit traumatized by the events that unfolded yesterday. There was a moment where we all looked at each other with wide eyes knowing this was going to go either really bad, or stable enough to transport. Jason and I felt it from the doctor and we just watched him slink into my lap unable to hold consciousness. I hope to God we will never see something like that again, or know of anyone else who has to experience such a heart sinking, totally terrifying moment.

So, now we wait. Jax has the possibility of coming home tomorrow if he turns a great oxygen corner with the antibiotics kicking in. There's just no way to know. I've come down with an awful virus, most likely the one Jax has, but obviously I'm medically stronger and will be able to pass by it without complications... at least I think I can if I can ever get sleep. Jason is going to switch with me tonight and should be able to sleep at home and try to kick this a little bit. It's hard to hold Jax when I'm hacking up my own lung and having to blow my nose every 5 minutes.

Keep Jax in your thoughts and prayers and we can hopefully get through this and move on to happy healthier times!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hanging in there

Jax didn't have a good morning. He was completely lethargic and wouldn't even sit up. He got plenty of fluid from overnight and had a diaper full of urine, so that was good. After a little food, some Tylenol, Zofran and an Albuterol treatment, he started coming around later in the morning. He took a decent nap, but ended up throwing up all of his lunch. His diarrhea came back something AWFUL since starting food back up.

I took him to the follow-up appointment at the pediatrician and while she was happy to see him up and moving around, she didn't like how one side of his lungs sounded. She tested his O2 level and it was at a measly 92! GAH!
She gave him an Albuterol treatment and said that if his O2 level didn't increase and his lung still sounded like junk, he was going to be transferred to the hospital as an inpatient and given oxygen and treated for pneumonia. I had a moment of total fear.
Jax took the breathing treatment and his stats went up to 96, and the doctor said his lung cleared nicely, so no pneumonia, whew! She said we have to be on the look out for any returning symptoms now (vomiting, fever etc) because Jax is in the danger zone for pneumonia with this virus hitting his lungs so badly.

I was so happy to bringing him home again. Our plan is to stay on top of the Albuterol (which he had only 4 hrs before that appointment) and to keep food out of him again this evening for a gut rest. We're running another Pedialyte pump throughout the night with a humidifier. If he's doing decent in the morning, we'll try a little food again. We have the neb treatment all ready in his room to get up and turn on the noisy machine through the night if he sounds labored. He's coughing and gagging just awful right now, but hopefully he's on the mend. The doctor said he should've peaked at this point and should show a bit of improvement each day now. My nerves are seriously just shot from this week. I just want him to be okay!

Brady was a smooching the pictures on the Candy Land board game. Our little lover...

Our little patient, the Jaxinator.

The boys playing cars. Jax has lived in pj's the entire week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It continues...

Jax was up only once during the night last night (Tuesday night) where I helped him heave into a bucket (not that much came out) and then gave him a dose of Tylenol and listened to his breathing. I laid in his room with him for awhile until I was sure he was back to sleep.
He was not doing well when I got him up. He had labored breathing, was burning up and kept heaving. I called the pediatrician's office and was told he couldn't be seen until 12:30 in the afternoon... it was 8am when I was calling. I asked for a nurse to call me back so I could tell her the symptoms and get advice of what to do.

Then Jax started vomiting up dried blood, which I assumed was from his neb treatments since he's getting bloody noses from them - even with a humidifier running all night in his room. After speaking with the nurse, who called my doctor, it was decided to bring him into the ER. I wanted to know what his O2 levels were at and make sure he was adequately hydrated. I mean... I knew he wasn't fabulously hydrated, but I was just looking for a safe level.

I had a come-to-Jesus talk with Brady during the car ride pleading with him to be good. I made sure to pack LOTS of food and treats. He was "ok" during this trip. He certainly made me crazy many times, but it could've been worse.

We got to the ER, and they were much faster when talking about lung/fever issues rather than stitches. They checked his O2 right at the desk immediately and he was at 98, I had an immediate moment of relief. I told them that he had just had an Albuterol treatment and Tylenol, but he was still registering a fever close to 101 by their thermometer.
They listened to his chest and he was sounded "pretty good". After a little wait, we saw a doctor and she reviewed everything and this is when we realized he was getting a slight rash on his face. Signs were pointing to a viral infection (hallelujah!). She asked if he was around any other fever-infected kids in the last 10 days, I said BRADY. But of course Big B is able to shrug these sorts of bugs off without too much of an issue.
They did a chest X-Ray and gave him some Zofran (anti-vomiting med). The chest scan came back looking "viral" rather than pneumonia - I have no idea how they can tell the difference. She said they could tell he had gunk in his lungs, but it was not pointing to bacterial.

At this point they wanted to run a test on Jax since he was showing signs of dehydration. If he could go without vomiting over the next hour at that point (with Zofran in him), they would let him come home with me since he has a G-Tube and I can run a Pedialyte pump on him slowly overnight. If he puked while on Zofran, that would tell them that he would not be able to hold his own fluid well enough overnight and he would stay the day for an IV treatment. He passed! I was able to take him home, and Jason was able to catch an early flight to meet us at home shortly after.

Jax got another breathing treatment and we gave the boys baths. Jax got a nice Tylenol/Zofran cocktail and a full pack of Pedialyte to infuse through the night. I'll be bringing him back to the pediatrician tomorrow for a follow-up and thankfully Jason will be home with Brady during that doctor visit! Three straight days sitting in doctor's offices worrying my head off is the pits, but it sure beats having that little bean inpatient!

Now... when I'll get a full night of sleep again is unknown, but it's so hard not to worry about your child's breathing patterns, and how warm they feel, and OH, was that a gag? Let's all just will him well again!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Downright sick

I dread days like today.
Jaxon was up all night heaving and gagging so I knew he must have come down with something. Jason is out of town, so I was on high alert all night in fear that I'd sleep through Jax needing me, so I laid in the bed next to Jax's crib. By morning time, we were exhausted, but I noticed Jax felt warm. He had a fever (because I just said he rarely gets them in a post a few days ago) and he started heaving right away again. I called the pediatrician's office to tell them that Jax was coming in to get his stitches out in a few hours, but also that he had diarrhea/vomiting and now a fever.

I had no other option but to bring Brady along with us. By the time we got to the pediatrician's office, Jax's fever got higher (close to 101) and he started to have labored breathing. The doctor was examining him and we could see his breaths retracting around his rib cage. They tested his oxygen level and it was at 96. He was given a rescue Albuterol breathing treatment and while his oxygen level remained at 96, the doctor said his lungs sounded better. He still had rapid breathing, but it was most likely due to his fever. He clung to me and was rather lethargic.
The doctor is suspecting possible pneumonia since his fever didn't start until a few days after the onset of his symptoms, but then again, he could've had two different bugs in the last few days. The plan was to bring him home, give him a dose of Tylenol and put him on a super slow pump at 1 oz per hour of Pedialyte - no food until Wednesday morning. I have to give him Budesonide twice a day and Albuterol every 4 hours. Jax got his stitches out, and that was awful holding him down while so sick - poor peanut! But his cut looks good, so that's good news I guess!

So I brought him home and followed directions and he slept for 3 hrs. After he woke up from his nap, I gave him another Albuertol treatment and he's doing a bit better. He's still gagging, but since the pump is so slow, he digests most of what he gets so he can't bring it up. It seemed as though he needed a good handful of hours to accumulate a decent amount of Pedialyte to get some electrolytes back in his body.
I'll be giving him another Budesonide treatment (preventative inhalant treatment) before bed and keep him overnight on the slow Pedialyte pump, so hopefully he'll be much more hydrated by morning.

I'll be bringing Jax back in tomorrow to have his lungs listened to and to get the decision if he needs a chest X-Ray to check for pneumonia. Hopefully, he'll do better through the night and none of that will be necessary. If not, then I have a feeling we'll be discussing his lung issues and possible asthma again.
We'll see!

Now... I could go on for an entire post about Brady's behavior today while at the doctor's office, but for the sake of his embarrassment when he's older and reads all this, let's just say he was LESS than to be desired. This child was running out the door and down the hall when my arms were full holding Jax during a breathing treatment, he was knocking over garbage cans, standing on chairs and turning on water, filling the garbage cans with tissues, pumping hand sanitizer all over things, pulling pictures off the wall, pulling down the otoscopes and other medical devises and let's not forget the downright kicking and screaming tantrum while I drag him by his arm out the door and am holding Jax who is passed out on my shoulder, and yes, holding the dreaded diaper bag. And oh yes... running in the parking lot while I strap Jax into the car seat. I don't think I've ever been THIS mad at one of my kids, but today I certainly felt rage.
After a good sanitizing, a peanut butter sandwich and a nap, Brady is in a much better place, but wow... today my patience have been tested.
One big happy family ;)

I'll update tomorrow after we see the doctor again. Hopefully we have an uneventful evening!
*Side note to myself, Jax weighed in at a measly 22lbs 12oz (sigh...)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Popcorn is good

The boys have had a fun last few days. Their cousin Marley came to visit all of Friday, so we had fun seeing her and miss her all the time! Papa Letts had a bowling tournament down here in Milwaukee on Saturday, so Jason and I took the boys to see him bowl a game and had dinner afterward. Jax just wanted to run all over the bowling alley, while Brady was quite content eating his first bowl of popcorn. They did pretty well at the restaurant for dinner which was our first trial in awhile since Jax had such a meltdown at the last place we went.
Jax's vomiting is doing pretty well. He's still on a good cycle of it being turned off except when he's very upset in the morning. He's doing well with his stitches and he should have them removed on Tuesday.

Seriously, this is the ONLY picture I grabbed in the last few days and of course Brady is bending down.... sigh...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Stitches

Ever since Jason and I found out we were having twin boys, we always joked about when our first ER visit would be for stitches. It looks like it's Jax at age 2...
Last night the boys were goofing around and we suddenly heard Jax crying. Sure enough, he had a cut under his bottom lip where his teeth bit into. Jason took him to the ER at 6pm, and at 10:45pm they finally came home. I think we need to consider Urgent Care for these sorts of things in the future.
Jax got 3 stitches to minimize scarring. He's fine other than very tired and crabby (and pumped full of Tylenol). It is seriously never a dull moment at Casa de Lettenbergers...

If you click on the picture twice, you can see the stitches up close. He will have them removed on Tuesday by the pediatrician.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fever with a break

Big B is fighting a fever the last two days. He's on day three now, so I'm hoping it's gone by tomorrow, otherwise we have to go to the doctor to check for possible infections (ears, throat etc). That's the rule the doctor always gave me: fever lasting 3 or less days = virus, if it lasts into a fourth day, it's most likely an infection. Brady is fine other than being a bit clingy and some nasty poos. The fever has lingered around 100-100.7 for the most part, so we're not too concerned. Although it's keeping us quite home-bound. It's so interesting that Brady usually gets a fever/diarrhea when not feeling well, but no vomiting and Jax will get vomiting/diarrhea but no fever.

Jax's vomiting cycle has ended and we've had a break now since Sunday. He's taking all his full feeds fine and is creeping up on his rate (low 70's right now). We hope to ride this nice wave for a long time! Hopefully whatever Brady has, stays away from Jax...

Brady is obsessed with being on his head. During nap time, he spends the first half on his head like this in his crib. It's so funny to see on his video monitor! Here he is watching a cartoon before bedtime. If his pj's weren't on backwards, he'd be naked!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jax is crazy & Brady is naked

(I was at a loss for a post title today, so this is what you get...)
The boys were in rare form again this weekend. Jaxon is proving to not be able to handle stores it seems (although I did take the boys grocery shopping last week just fine). He wants to run and touch everything. He does not want to be constrained, and if he sees something he wants, there is NO reasoning with him, he throws an instant tantrum and starts gagging. So we weren't able to finish our errands since Jason takes him to the car immediately when the tantrum proves to show no end.

We had our basement re-carpeted on Saturday, so Rachel and I took the boys to the mall to get them out of the way (and get ourselves some COFFEE). Brady was an angel sitting so good in the stroller eating all his goodies and playing with the toys. We chased Jaxon to the point where two adults were sweating. Man, that child has become strong willed to say the least! Rachel joked and said Brady was the angel because she took care of him a lot, that gave me a smile. We say Jax is just making up for the first two years of never being able to move!

Jason and I spent all of Saturday night putting the basement together and organizing things. We spent most of Sunday cleaning the rest of the house and organizing all of the kid's things. Once again, Jason is SO happy to go to work today :)

We're definitely happy with having our basement back and I love having the open concept. The boys just LOVE the new space. All we need are a few more toddler door handle locks (which we attempted to get at the store on Sunday) and it should be all set! Well, that is after we get a railing up on the stairs and the tile re-placed on the foyer floor around where we opened the doorway.

Jaxon is doing a lot better with his vomiting. His poo is back to normal, so I tried giving him a full breakfast today and he kept it down. Even being in the car after the meal on the way to the chiropractor, he kept it down. He seems to be getting over the last cycle of an upset tummy. He started his Cyproheptadine (Periactin) again, which is helping with his hunger for sure. He took some really nice big open mouth bites of yogurt this afternoon. So I'm hoping we can ride this high cycle for a bit longer and pack some weight on this kiddo.

Brady is a nudist. I have no other way to explain his behavior. He takes his pants and diaper off any chance he has. His 24 month onsies are still a little long on him, so he's able to get his hand in there. I have to dress him in his pj's backwards for his NAPS now, so that's a fun extra step to put into the day.

The boys are cheering on the neighbor boy playing basketball.
Yup... Brady is naked from the waist down (sigh...)

The boy's back area of the basement.
They finally got the rest of their Christmas gifts that we were waiting to put up when we got the basement back in order.

The view from the back wall. Jason's office is off to the right of the stairs. So if he's home working, I can definitely NOT have the boys down there playing.
(See that red arm on the sofa? That's Jason trying to grab a few minutes of relax time)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Curious Monkeys

Wow, these little men are craaazy lately. They are full-swing into being curious monkeys in every way. I let them play with boxes, and they use them as step stools to get into drawers and empty every single thing out. They hide everything and throw away any piece of paper they come into contact with, so we need to learn to FILE things immediately after opening if important. If the piece of paper is an invitation and we put it up on the fridge with a magnet, you better put it up high! I just found my invite to Shannon's baby shower in the Little People barn. (sigh...) They opened a maraca today and spread the gravel that was inside it ALL over the living room and into the shag area rug. The stories could go on forever!

In Jax-news, he had a rough day yesterday with vomiting. Two morning episodes, and then while in bed for the night. He got himself half out of his sleep sack, so when I took him off the pump around 10:30pm he woke up to me unzipping it. He was okay at that point, but about 5 minutes later when Jason and I were in bed, we heard him heaving. Sure enough, he got sick. He filled his diaper with gross poo, so maybe the pushing while awake was too much? Not sure.
This morning I only gave him 6 out of his normal 7.5 oz and ran the pump very slow. He kept that all in, but had a small episode about 40 minutes after his lunch after his bath. So odd. Hopefully it's an uneventful night tonight since Jason is gone until tomorrow night.

Jax dug this hat out of the closet and yelled, "HA".
(It's kinda on)

One of the games the boys actually play together.
They like to slide down and tackle each other.

All my guys being very focused.

Then someone has to come along and pick their nose...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Case of the Wednesdays

I wanted to check in quick and let you all know that things are kind of "more of the same" the last few days. Jax's tummy is still upset and he's not able to get through any mornings without getting sick no matter how slow his pump is at. I felt so bad on Monday when he the first thing he did while we visited Shannon was to throw up on her carpet - sorry!!!
As soon as he empties his tummy, he's so happy and feels better. He's been keeping down his last two meals of the day the last few days, so we're seeing that improvement which is good. Brady and Jax both have gross poo's, so I'm thinking there's a little somthin' running through their little bodies.
Otherwise business as usual. The boys are finding ways to give me more and more gray hairs each day! Today we're on our way to grocery shop, tomorrow is an occupational therapy follow-up with our friends Karen and Sara from the Birth-to-Three program, and Friday is speech and feeding therapy. Then we're finally getting our carpet re-installed in the basement this weekend, so we're REALLY excited to get that area back for some change of scenery! Auntie Rachel is going to help me get the boys OUT of the house during the installation process. Something tells me they would not be the most helpful that day...

Edited to add: Scratch what I just wrote. We got to the store parking lot and Jax vomited all over himself in his car seat. I turned around and came home to realize the vomit was EVERYWHERE. We had to take the car seat out and put the cover in the wash with his jacket and all his clothes. Now I need to figure out how to get to the store after the boy's nap and still get home in time to cook dinner. We are so low on food in the house and have a busy schedule the rest of the week, so I'll have to figure out how to make this afternoon work!