Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to normal

Things are getting back to normal at home. Jason left early this morning for Missouri and will be gone until late Thursday night. Jaxon is doing well other than a sensitive tummy to volume a bit, which is expected with his history when getting sick. He's quite clingy for a good hour after waking up in the morning and from his naps which makes things hard to move around the house. The boys are both doing well with trying to repeat words, but it's their usual first part of a word, like AH for arm, or HA for hand.

Jax has a lot of tissue prolapse coming out of his stoma site from all the coughing and heaving he did last week. I'm applying silver nitrate sticks to help it, but it makes the worst bloody mess all over his shirts and stoma dressing. I hope it heals up quickly!

We have a busy few weeks with some upcoming appointments. This week Jax has his physical therapy review to see if he needs to continue with a new pair of Sure Step foot braces, and he'll see the chiropractor again, and also the speech/feeding therapist. Next week the boys will be meeting with the county school rep to talk about the boys transitioning to developmental preschool in the fall if one or both meets the requirements to attend. And then of course the usual chiropractor and speech/feeding therapy sessions later next week. The following week after that, Jax will be seeing the GI/Feeding Team at Children's Hospital. They'll determine if he's medically stable yet to attend the inpatient feeding therapy.
Since Jax has taken such a big medical hit with his pneumonia, I'm nervous he won't show a big enough weight gain, or volume tolerance in his tummy by that appointment. Which means we'll have to go another 3 months before trying to get in again.
As usual, we shall see!
Here are a bunch of pics, enjoy!

Brady is pretending to be the muppet on Play with me Sesame that bangs on her piano. It reminds me of Beethoven from Charlie Brown.

Jax was the singer of the band this afternoon!

Once again, I told the boys to give each other a smooch and when
Brady refused, Jax tackled him.

Not sure how or why Jax moved the kitchen to the middle of the room...

Classic Brady. Upside down without pants, pen all over his hands and picking his nose.

Bath time.

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Amber Ellen said...

Yay! I'm glad to see Jax is doing good again!
Your boys are so lucky to have such a strong, wonderful Mama :)