Thursday, March 3, 2011

Curious Monkeys

Wow, these little men are craaazy lately. They are full-swing into being curious monkeys in every way. I let them play with boxes, and they use them as step stools to get into drawers and empty every single thing out. They hide everything and throw away any piece of paper they come into contact with, so we need to learn to FILE things immediately after opening if important. If the piece of paper is an invitation and we put it up on the fridge with a magnet, you better put it up high! I just found my invite to Shannon's baby shower in the Little People barn. (sigh...) They opened a maraca today and spread the gravel that was inside it ALL over the living room and into the shag area rug. The stories could go on forever!

In Jax-news, he had a rough day yesterday with vomiting. Two morning episodes, and then while in bed for the night. He got himself half out of his sleep sack, so when I took him off the pump around 10:30pm he woke up to me unzipping it. He was okay at that point, but about 5 minutes later when Jason and I were in bed, we heard him heaving. Sure enough, he got sick. He filled his diaper with gross poo, so maybe the pushing while awake was too much? Not sure.
This morning I only gave him 6 out of his normal 7.5 oz and ran the pump very slow. He kept that all in, but had a small episode about 40 minutes after his lunch after his bath. So odd. Hopefully it's an uneventful night tonight since Jason is gone until tomorrow night.

Jax dug this hat out of the closet and yelled, "HA".
(It's kinda on)

One of the games the boys actually play together.
They like to slide down and tackle each other.

All my guys being very focused.

Then someone has to come along and pick their nose...

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