Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Downright sick

I dread days like today.
Jaxon was up all night heaving and gagging so I knew he must have come down with something. Jason is out of town, so I was on high alert all night in fear that I'd sleep through Jax needing me, so I laid in the bed next to Jax's crib. By morning time, we were exhausted, but I noticed Jax felt warm. He had a fever (because I just said he rarely gets them in a post a few days ago) and he started heaving right away again. I called the pediatrician's office to tell them that Jax was coming in to get his stitches out in a few hours, but also that he had diarrhea/vomiting and now a fever.

I had no other option but to bring Brady along with us. By the time we got to the pediatrician's office, Jax's fever got higher (close to 101) and he started to have labored breathing. The doctor was examining him and we could see his breaths retracting around his rib cage. They tested his oxygen level and it was at 96. He was given a rescue Albuterol breathing treatment and while his oxygen level remained at 96, the doctor said his lungs sounded better. He still had rapid breathing, but it was most likely due to his fever. He clung to me and was rather lethargic.
The doctor is suspecting possible pneumonia since his fever didn't start until a few days after the onset of his symptoms, but then again, he could've had two different bugs in the last few days. The plan was to bring him home, give him a dose of Tylenol and put him on a super slow pump at 1 oz per hour of Pedialyte - no food until Wednesday morning. I have to give him Budesonide twice a day and Albuterol every 4 hours. Jax got his stitches out, and that was awful holding him down while so sick - poor peanut! But his cut looks good, so that's good news I guess!

So I brought him home and followed directions and he slept for 3 hrs. After he woke up from his nap, I gave him another Albuertol treatment and he's doing a bit better. He's still gagging, but since the pump is so slow, he digests most of what he gets so he can't bring it up. It seemed as though he needed a good handful of hours to accumulate a decent amount of Pedialyte to get some electrolytes back in his body.
I'll be giving him another Budesonide treatment (preventative inhalant treatment) before bed and keep him overnight on the slow Pedialyte pump, so hopefully he'll be much more hydrated by morning.

I'll be bringing Jax back in tomorrow to have his lungs listened to and to get the decision if he needs a chest X-Ray to check for pneumonia. Hopefully, he'll do better through the night and none of that will be necessary. If not, then I have a feeling we'll be discussing his lung issues and possible asthma again.
We'll see!

Now... I could go on for an entire post about Brady's behavior today while at the doctor's office, but for the sake of his embarrassment when he's older and reads all this, let's just say he was LESS than to be desired. This child was running out the door and down the hall when my arms were full holding Jax during a breathing treatment, he was knocking over garbage cans, standing on chairs and turning on water, filling the garbage cans with tissues, pumping hand sanitizer all over things, pulling pictures off the wall, pulling down the otoscopes and other medical devises and let's not forget the downright kicking and screaming tantrum while I drag him by his arm out the door and am holding Jax who is passed out on my shoulder, and yes, holding the dreaded diaper bag. And oh yes... running in the parking lot while I strap Jax into the car seat. I don't think I've ever been THIS mad at one of my kids, but today I certainly felt rage.
After a good sanitizing, a peanut butter sandwich and a nap, Brady is in a much better place, but wow... today my patience have been tested.
One big happy family ;)

I'll update tomorrow after we see the doctor again. Hopefully we have an uneventful evening!
*Side note to myself, Jax weighed in at a measly 22lbs 12oz (sigh...)


Craig & Shannon said...

BIG hugs sweetie...I don't know what else to say! But you got through it. Hope the appt goes well tomorrow:)

Jenn said...

Cole had a day like that recently but I didn't have anothe twin to care for at the same time and I was still beside myself! Thank goodness most days they melt your heart!

Merks said...

OMG and here I've been complaining about my 1 monster of a 2 year old who loves playing the wet noodle game when out in public. You always sound so positive and upbeat - one of the main reasons I keep coming back to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Do you have an asthma doctor? One of the things I've realized with my asthma is that at the first sign of a cold I have to immediately up my corticosteroids to 4x a day. If I don't, things get bad quickly. Asthma is so tricky, without my awesome doctor and the plans he puts together I would be on prednisone all the time.

Good luck!