Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fever with a break

Big B is fighting a fever the last two days. He's on day three now, so I'm hoping it's gone by tomorrow, otherwise we have to go to the doctor to check for possible infections (ears, throat etc). That's the rule the doctor always gave me: fever lasting 3 or less days = virus, if it lasts into a fourth day, it's most likely an infection. Brady is fine other than being a bit clingy and some nasty poos. The fever has lingered around 100-100.7 for the most part, so we're not too concerned. Although it's keeping us quite home-bound. It's so interesting that Brady usually gets a fever/diarrhea when not feeling well, but no vomiting and Jax will get vomiting/diarrhea but no fever.

Jax's vomiting cycle has ended and we've had a break now since Sunday. He's taking all his full feeds fine and is creeping up on his rate (low 70's right now). We hope to ride this nice wave for a long time! Hopefully whatever Brady has, stays away from Jax...

Brady is obsessed with being on his head. During nap time, he spends the first half on his head like this in his crib. It's so funny to see on his video monitor! Here he is watching a cartoon before bedtime. If his pj's weren't on backwards, he'd be naked!


Alicea said...

I hope Brady feels better soon! There are lots of viruses going around.

Jenn said...

I hate March for this seems to be the last push of viruses before Spring...ugh. My brother was on his head all the time as a kid...not sure what it was all about :)