Thursday, March 31, 2011

For love of the game

The boys did well in speech therapy today. They each would lose interest at different times and wander off so the therapist could do some one-on-one time with the other. I was shocked to see Jax recognize some letters, well... at least it seemed like he did with his babbling of the letter R and I and I think a B! He definitely calls Brady BaaBaa in a few different variations which is pretty cute.
We've started oral taste practice again, and Jax did well on Wednesday night with me for dinner trying mashed potatoes and even drinking some juice. He sat with his own bowl and never threw anything. He liked stirring his own food, and would taste the potatoes off his finger. I was excited to show the therapist today, but of course, Jax was NOT into feeding therapy today and pretty much squirmed and cried through the entire session.

Jax had his physical therapy follow-up this afternoon as well (which he whined and cried and clung to me through a good portion of it), and he still exhibits some issues with his right trunk from his torticollis issues. I'm going to ask the chiropractor to start adjusting his hips, although now that I think of it... I think she may have been doing this all along. We need to be more diligent about specific exercises for him. Jax will be needing the next sizing in Sure Step braces, so he'll definitely be wearing them for at least the next 6 months. I need to get on the horn and get the appointment process going for that whole fitting process again.

The summer Parks & Recreation Activity Guide came to the house today, and there's finally a few things the boys are old enough to do this summer. Jason is pumped to do a 3 year old T-Ball course. We'll have to wait for the August program so the boys are officially old enough, and while I'm sure they'll be the smallest and most developmentally immature, it would still be great socialization for them. Of course I'm sure Jason believes this is the beginning of their sports-greatness, although I'm envisioning some flower picking in the outfield and hitting each other with bats, but nonetheless... it's for the love of the game ;)
We also want to show Jax that there are NO limitations to what he can do regardless of how he receives his food, how he's able to walk and run with a little help, and of course, we'll have the nebulizer in the car at all times. The pediatrician said that once he's able to understand how to use a hand-inhaler, we'll discuss his needs and she will make sure he can do anything and everything he wants to do physically at a very safe level. We know that both boys have a rather heavy speech delay, but we also know they have decent receptive understanding, so we still want to give them all the opportunities to socialize and try to learn structured activities (especially outdoor ones in non-flu season). We're very conscious of making these boys as happy and healthy as possible with as much hope as one could possibly have.

The boys chase and wrestle each other for the better part of most days now.
Jax is usually the one to do the "take down".
(and no, I can not get enough of these photos...)

Doesn't he look good with a bowl of food in front of him?

Mmmm, small tastes, but they're tastes!

Can you tell I'll be begging the Feeding Team for more invasive help? I want this child eating!


NormalOnesLeft said...

He looks awesome with the food on his face. Thank God this day has finally come. He has a long way to go, but he's making huge progress.

I can't wait to come to the boys games!

Laura said...

Love a messy food face!