Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hanging in there

Jax didn't have a good morning. He was completely lethargic and wouldn't even sit up. He got plenty of fluid from overnight and had a diaper full of urine, so that was good. After a little food, some Tylenol, Zofran and an Albuterol treatment, he started coming around later in the morning. He took a decent nap, but ended up throwing up all of his lunch. His diarrhea came back something AWFUL since starting food back up.

I took him to the follow-up appointment at the pediatrician and while she was happy to see him up and moving around, she didn't like how one side of his lungs sounded. She tested his O2 level and it was at a measly 92! GAH!
She gave him an Albuterol treatment and said that if his O2 level didn't increase and his lung still sounded like junk, he was going to be transferred to the hospital as an inpatient and given oxygen and treated for pneumonia. I had a moment of total fear.
Jax took the breathing treatment and his stats went up to 96, and the doctor said his lung cleared nicely, so no pneumonia, whew! She said we have to be on the look out for any returning symptoms now (vomiting, fever etc) because Jax is in the danger zone for pneumonia with this virus hitting his lungs so badly.

I was so happy to bringing him home again. Our plan is to stay on top of the Albuterol (which he had only 4 hrs before that appointment) and to keep food out of him again this evening for a gut rest. We're running another Pedialyte pump throughout the night with a humidifier. If he's doing decent in the morning, we'll try a little food again. We have the neb treatment all ready in his room to get up and turn on the noisy machine through the night if he sounds labored. He's coughing and gagging just awful right now, but hopefully he's on the mend. The doctor said he should've peaked at this point and should show a bit of improvement each day now. My nerves are seriously just shot from this week. I just want him to be okay!

Brady was a smooching the pictures on the Candy Land board game. Our little lover...

Our little patient, the Jaxinator.

The boys playing cars. Jax has lived in pj's the entire week!

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