Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We came home at 9am this morning and we're loving it! Jax is doing well, although his tummy bothered him this afternoon after his nap. We gave some Zofran and replaced two ounces of his formula with Pedialyte to make it a little thinner for him. He was so much happier in the evening.
He was very clingy when we got home, but he ended up letting go and running around a bit and he got a nice warm bath to wash away the hospital. I think he's loving his own crib again, I know we'll like our own bed!
I was supposed to leave on my national MoM trip (mother's of multiples) today, but obviously I canceled that a few days ago. Between Jason and another great MoM (hi Kim!), they got my flight moved back so I could still attend a few days of the trip that I had been helping plan for the past 6 months. So while I'm being kicked out for a little bit, Jason and Auntie Rachel are on the case. Here are a few pictures from the last few days,

Kim sent Jax some balloons that he LOVED!

Jaxon tackling Brady at home over the balloons.

And here... well, Brady has claimed and is sitting on a balloon!
And now the poor balloons are at the top of our 2nd story vaulted ceiling in the foyer - OOPS!!

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Craig & Shannon said...

So happy you are able to go on your MoM's trip - you deserve it sweetie. Can't wait to catch up when you get home:)

Jax looks like he's back to his regular self!