Monday, March 7, 2011

Jax is crazy & Brady is naked

(I was at a loss for a post title today, so this is what you get...)
The boys were in rare form again this weekend. Jaxon is proving to not be able to handle stores it seems (although I did take the boys grocery shopping last week just fine). He wants to run and touch everything. He does not want to be constrained, and if he sees something he wants, there is NO reasoning with him, he throws an instant tantrum and starts gagging. So we weren't able to finish our errands since Jason takes him to the car immediately when the tantrum proves to show no end.

We had our basement re-carpeted on Saturday, so Rachel and I took the boys to the mall to get them out of the way (and get ourselves some COFFEE). Brady was an angel sitting so good in the stroller eating all his goodies and playing with the toys. We chased Jaxon to the point where two adults were sweating. Man, that child has become strong willed to say the least! Rachel joked and said Brady was the angel because she took care of him a lot, that gave me a smile. We say Jax is just making up for the first two years of never being able to move!

Jason and I spent all of Saturday night putting the basement together and organizing things. We spent most of Sunday cleaning the rest of the house and organizing all of the kid's things. Once again, Jason is SO happy to go to work today :)

We're definitely happy with having our basement back and I love having the open concept. The boys just LOVE the new space. All we need are a few more toddler door handle locks (which we attempted to get at the store on Sunday) and it should be all set! Well, that is after we get a railing up on the stairs and the tile re-placed on the foyer floor around where we opened the doorway.

Jaxon is doing a lot better with his vomiting. His poo is back to normal, so I tried giving him a full breakfast today and he kept it down. Even being in the car after the meal on the way to the chiropractor, he kept it down. He seems to be getting over the last cycle of an upset tummy. He started his Cyproheptadine (Periactin) again, which is helping with his hunger for sure. He took some really nice big open mouth bites of yogurt this afternoon. So I'm hoping we can ride this high cycle for a bit longer and pack some weight on this kiddo.

Brady is a nudist. I have no other way to explain his behavior. He takes his pants and diaper off any chance he has. His 24 month onsies are still a little long on him, so he's able to get his hand in there. I have to dress him in his pj's backwards for his NAPS now, so that's a fun extra step to put into the day.

The boys are cheering on the neighbor boy playing basketball.
Yup... Brady is naked from the waist down (sigh...)

The boy's back area of the basement.
They finally got the rest of their Christmas gifts that we were waiting to put up when we got the basement back in order.

The view from the back wall. Jason's office is off to the right of the stairs. So if he's home working, I can definitely NOT have the boys down there playing.
(See that red arm on the sofa? That's Jason trying to grab a few minutes of relax time)

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Wiley said...

Duct tape might be easier than changing clothes for naps...

And it's great to see Jax some mobile (I've just been reading since last spring)