Sunday, March 13, 2011

Popcorn is good

The boys have had a fun last few days. Their cousin Marley came to visit all of Friday, so we had fun seeing her and miss her all the time! Papa Letts had a bowling tournament down here in Milwaukee on Saturday, so Jason and I took the boys to see him bowl a game and had dinner afterward. Jax just wanted to run all over the bowling alley, while Brady was quite content eating his first bowl of popcorn. They did pretty well at the restaurant for dinner which was our first trial in awhile since Jax had such a meltdown at the last place we went.
Jax's vomiting is doing pretty well. He's still on a good cycle of it being turned off except when he's very upset in the morning. He's doing well with his stitches and he should have them removed on Tuesday.

Seriously, this is the ONLY picture I grabbed in the last few days and of course Brady is bending down.... sigh...

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