Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello everyone! It's good to be home. I had such a nice time seeing all my MoM friends (aka - the MoMfia, aka - the sisterhood of the motherhood). I was able to get in at about 10pm on Thursday evening, so I got all of Friday and Saturday to enjoy the beautiful city of Savannah and it's weather with some fabulous girls.

I came home to some SMILEY little boys today and it appears that Auntie Rachel taught Jax to growl like a pirate as his new animal sound - don't you just LOVE it?! Jax looks so great other than needing to gain some weight back. He's been back to full feeds this weekend, so hopefully he can play catch up now. I hear Brady has gotten his pj's off twice now and covered himself in his own poo. I think we need to do some duct tape around his diaper rather soon. He's not ready for potty training, so we'll have to figure something out!

In other great news, Shannon and Craig had their baby twins late on Friday night. I was so disappointed to be out of town when it happened, but as I know, preemie-twins wait for no one. Mommy and the babies are doing well. Miss Kelsey weighed in at 3lbs, 6oz and Mr Drew weighed in at 3lbs, 4oz. My big guy Mr B was right in between their weights. These babies were born just shy of 34 weeks and require no oxygen, but will need to learn to eat, keep their temperatures and remember to breathe. We're hoping for a quick NICU journey and to get them babies home with Mom and Dad. These babies are SO CUTE!

Beautiful little Kelsey

Handsome Drew

Some of my beautiful MoM friends

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