Sunday, April 17, 2011

Everything's better when you're standing on your head

Jax is still doing well and is vomit-free for the time being. I'm sneaking in an extra half ounce of food every night during his night feed. I'm hoping it will help with all the extra weight-loss he's had. I think I administered his last silver nitrate stick application for awhile on his prolapse that came out of his stoma site from all his coughing and vomiting when he had pneumonia. I apply the chemical every 2-3 days and it goes down little-by-little. It bleeds off (so we use lots of gauze, stoma pads and undershirts) and I think the treatment I gave tonight may be the last. I'll be able to tell in the next two days to see how much of the tissue burned down. These treatments don't hurt Jax, it's just a process to do the treatment to a wiggly kid, (remove the tube, keep him flat on his back so his stomach fluid doesn't come out, apply Vaseline, apply the nitrate stick to the tissue, re-insert tube, gauze/tape, smooch) so I'll be happy when the treatments are done and one less thing to do at bath time!

I took the boys to go see Jax's Orthopedist on Friday for his 6 month follow-up with his Sure Step braces. The doctor said he's still fitting in them, so we need to follow up in the next 3-6 months, so that's good.

Brady still stands on his head every chance he has, and if you watch him on the camera when he's in his crib, he'll stand on his head for 5+ minutes at a time. Tonight we were laughing hysterically watching him stand on his head and then pretend to read a book. He's hilarious. He hasn't tried getting out of his crib again since he did that first time. We're saved for the time being of making the switch, so hopefully he'll mature a bit before he starts that up again. Our plan is to remove most everything, toddler-proof the room, and then possibly put a safety knob on the inside of the door so he can't just walk out. But for now, I'm saved of another "project" until then. Brady got a new nickname from the speech therapist. He's calls him "Hold out" since Big B seems to be holding out with all his words and signs lately! I'm trying to challenge him more each day to try a sign or a word before getting what he needs. It's making for a frustrated little boy! His light bulb will go on sooner or later, and when it does, I laugh just thinking of the things that will come out of his mouth!

Jaxon doing his pirate growl.
I asked Brady to be a pirate and he gave me this face saying "THEESE" (meaning cheese).
He is hilarious. And yes, his pj's still have to be backwards.

The boys just hanging out today.

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