Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fun

We finally got a sunny day! We certainly were not going to let this day pass us without fully enjoying it! I took the boys to visit Krista down in Bay View. They of course LOVE her piano, but we were able to coax them out of the house with the promise of going out side! We took an awesome long walk down to the lake and over to a really neat playground. It's one of those antimicrobial sets, so that makes mama's like me rest a little easier (not that I still didn't fully disinfect afterward). The boys had a blast running around like maniacs.

In feeding-news, Jaxon is doing AWESOME right now. He suddenly has warmed back up to the spoon, and has been taking several small bites of yogurt the last two days. He's taking nice sips of his juice or milk smoothies too. Tonight we had ordered some ham sandwiches, and they came with swiss cheese. Jason and I don't like swiss cheese, so we gave it to Brady to try. Jax was starring at it, so we gave him a piece on his tray assuming he just wanted to touch it and play around. He surprised us greatly and put the cheese to his mouth and pretended to eat it. Jason told him to smooch it (which is a feeding technique to get children comfortable with putting food up to their mouth), and Jax smooched it and then put the edge in his mouth. He didn't bite it, but he tasted it while it was in his mouth. ALL ON HIS OWN.
That may not sound like a lot to many, but to us, it's HUGE! We're so proud!

Here's Brady showing his shiner on Thursday night.
I think it looks a tiny bit worse today.

Jax didn't want to be left out of getting his photo taken!

This is the result of two little boys realizing the window seat opens up to all of mommy and daddy's games and DVDs. This is what I get for running upstairs to brush my teeth.

Playground fun

I realized while trying to get a shot of Brady that we could see the shoreline of downtown Milwaukee.

Yup, this is Big B standing on the neighbor's skate board!

Playing with the neighbors and Miss Gina, the nanny.


Melissa said...

Yay Jax! I love hearing he is doing so well with his eating!

Craig & Shannon said...

I use to take Marty for walks by that part of the lake - nice to see they added the playground. I kinda miss not living over there anymore.

Love the outdoor pics!