Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I don't want to jinx anything, so I'll just throw out that everything here is "good"! I'm on a major germ-watch now to make sure this run goes as long as possible while sneaking in as many calories as well too!

Oh, and I'm terrified for Brady to ever get his adult teeth. Jason and I realized on Monday that Brady's good front tooth is chipped and all ragged sharp now. I fear what this kid will do to his permanent teeth some day! He inherited my grace apparently :)

Big B kickin' back... pantless... as usual.
(Look at the length we're gettin' on those short legs finally!)

And of course, Jax decided Brady's lounging was in HIS way.

There's yogurt and juice mixed into a smoothie in that cup!
He took a few good sips of it today.

A new game the boys started. They pull up a mat-square and pretend to hide under them.
You can barely see them, huh?

Then they jump up and yell like dinosaurs to scare you!


Doubly Blessed said...

Glad to hear things are Good! Hope it continues for a looooooong time!

Alicea said...

They are so funny! I don't know if I told you this, but we started giving Kyle ScandiShakes. They are 600 cals mixed with whole milk (8oz). They come flavored as well. So glad to hear they are doing good. :)

mlwindc said...

I'm sure the last thing you need is MORE suggestions about eating and adding calories, but when my guy was underweight at his 1 year appt, we started adding coconut oil to his smoothies and it was a BIG HIT. I don't know if that's something your guys will tolerate... but may be worth looking in to.