Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope the Easter Bunny was good to everyone. We just got settled back at home from our quick excursion home to celebrate with family. The boys were itchy to get out of the car on Saturday's ride up, and also during Sunday morning breakfast, but otherwise, they were pretty good. They went two days without a nap, so I'm sure getting back into their routine now will be good.
They were able to play outside with Jason to get some fresh air while I unpacked (in peace), and they have been fast asleep after a bath now for quite awhile. Let's hope for a good week and enjoy a few pictures below from the weekend.

The boys did an egg hunt with their cousin at Nana Jayne's house Saturday night. (Brady is in green, Jax in blue)

The eggs were smartly marked so the little boy's eggs were mostly small toys rather than candy.

I had to snap a photo of Saturday night dinner. Jax is playing with all of the Easter toys and seemed very entertained! He never seems to be interested in much more than taking drinks of things when we're traveling.

We stopped by my Grandma's apartment on the way out of town and the boys were not cooperating for a photo, so I jumped in!

The boys were playing in the front of Nana and Papa Lett's house on Sunday morning while we packed up the truck on the way to breakfast. Brady found his shadow for the first time and chased himself for quite awhile. Does this make anyone else smile? :)

The ONLY thing to keep Brady quiet at Easter breakfast was 16 oz of Daddy's orange juice!
He only gets milk or water, so he was PUMPED to realize other drinks exist. And yes, he was a total spaz from the sugar rush after this!

The boys watching cartoons with great grandma Lettenberger before the lunch party started.

Jason explaining the game of BOWLING to the boys outside today. We hauled this back from Jay's parents house - it was Jason's from when he was a child that his grandfather made.


Angie said...

Happy Easter! I love the pic of Brady chasing his's a classic for sure.

Heather said...

Sounds like it was a great Easter. That bowling alley is such a neat toy! I am sure all your boys will like playing with for years to come. Hope you are well.