Friday, April 22, 2011

Packing up

Jason got home yesterday from his business trip, so the boys are pretty excited about that. He was supposed to be home on Wednesday night, but his flight got canceled and he ended up flying directly to Chicago yesterday to go to his appointments.
We're busy packing everything up and trying to get ready for our trek home tomorrow to visit some family for Easter. Packing up for even one night is such a chore since we need a lot of "just in case" items for Jax. We don't typically go home for Easter, but I have another family event (a baby shower) I want to attend on Saturday, so we decided to go up for a night. We're going to try and limit activities since it's still a pretty bad cold and virus time.
Jax got sick this morning, so he had a nice 9-day run. He was upset at me for not allowing him to run off with my makeup brush, so he got upset and then lost all his breakfast. I think he's starting up another cycle, but Jason thinks he may have just been upset. We'll find out by tomorrow!
We hope everyone enjoys the Easter weekend, I'm sure I'll update with some nice photos when we're back.

The boys enjoying book-time with their speech therapist.

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