Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tiny trolls

I'd really like all this rain to go away! Otherwise business is as usual around here. Jax got sick last night and vomited up a lot of his dinner while in bed. He's acting totally normal this morning, but I threw a bib on him just in case. Hopefully he continues on his good path.

Brady got into a fight with his wooden chair. We're not sure what happened, but we saw him on the floor with it as he cried, and now he has a nice little black eye... sigh...
Brady has been waking up 30-60 minutes early lately. He does acrobats in his crib which throws his crib all over his room since he has hard wood flooring. It wakes Jax up, and then we hear, "Ahh Daa" repeatedly which means ALL DONE. I can't help but smile as we get them out of their cribs. My favorite part of the day is to see them both RUN from room-to-room screeching, while making sure all four of us are together to go down the stairs. Their legs are so skinny-looking in their snug fitting pj's and they stomp around like tiny trolls screaming with excitement. I try to soak up these moments.

Brady is like a hungry puppy. He MUST have a bite or taste of whatever we are eating no matter how full he is. No matter what it is, he'll stare at you and come close with his mouth open. Gee B, ya want a bite?

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