Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warming up

We had a warm weekend here. The boys were able to get plenty of fresh air and we've been reminded how impossible it is to get Brady inside once he's been out playing. If they didn't run in opposite directions outside, it would be a bit easier to chase them, but wow... they do have their own minds!
Nana and Papa Letts visited and got see all the progress the boys have made, so that was a nice visit. I was able to sneak away and visit the Bonin babies in the NICU for a little bit on Saturday, and oooh there's a picture below!
Jax is still having vomiting episodes each morning, so I gave him some Zofran this morning to see if it would help. Unfortunately he still got sick. He has been doing decent with taking drinks of a yogurt smoothie instead of just water. He hasn't been taking any food off a spoon since he had pneumonia, so I'm happy to at least see him drink the smoothie during feeding practice. And of course by "drink", I mean a few sips, but he takes the sippy cup himself and self-feeds, which is awesome!
Otherwise, life is full of these two crazy 2 yr olds. I'll update tomorrow after Jax's GI/Feeding Team follow up.

Me with baby Kelsey.

Proud Daddy - Craig with Drew and behind is Miss Kelsey snoozing.

Brady just looks hilarious in this photo from dinner out on Saturday night.

Jax was hitting the baseball with his golf club. Hey, whatever works, right?

Brady took the neighbor boy's helmet and wanted to ride bikes just like him.

Brady and Daddy doing story time right before bed.

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Nicole said...

Your little boys are so cute, Best of luck with jaxon and i hope he beats all olds and gets better. I came across your page looking for " how is a EEG done", My son needs to have one done and i was looking for pictures to show him how it worked.
You have a beautiful family and i wish you all the best
Nicole <3