Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a lot of time around the house this weekend. It seemed like our yard work would never end! Although, Jason and I were able to get a few hours to ourselves on Saturday. We dropped the kids off at Rachel's and we headed down to the outlet mall to get some power shopping in during the huge sales (and my stackable coupons) to get the kids some much needed clothes. We played outside with them the rest of the day in the yard.
On Sunday we ran a lot of errands and did some perrenial planting while outside with the kids, but then we spent the rest of the day inside because of storms. This is where I started the large project of cleaning out the boy's clothes and putting away the new ones.
Today was sunny and HOT out (gotta love the extreme climate changes in Wisconsin) and took the boys to the zoo in the morning. The Bonins met us there as their first trip with their baby twins for the outing. It was a nice time to walk around and make animal sounds.
During the boy's nap, Jason and I finished up our yard work and wow, we needed 2nd showers after that!
We had an impromptu cookout with the Bonins and some friends of theirs that have 2 young boys. We could only stand to be outside a bit longer and ended up coming in to eat our food.

Jax's health has been a roller coaster. He was good on Thursday through Saturday, but got sick on Sunday, and then twice today. He hasn't gotten sick after breakfast AND lunch now since he had pneumonia, so I hope that quiets back down.
Brady has a nasty runny nose that he woke up with today and didn't want to eat breakfast or lunch, but then again, he was totally focused on wanting to play with the cars and trains that the neighbor boys handed down to us this weekend.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quiet week!
(sorry I don't have more pictures...)

Yup, that's Brady wearing my headband.

The boys feeding the goats for the first time this season.

All the boys playing after dinner.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain go away!

The boys and I ran in the rain today to get from the car to Jax's chiropractor appointment. Brady hates rain and Jax loves it, go figure. So I carried both of them at the same the time, and in my rush to get in, Brady's rain boot fell off. You would've thought he lost his puppy with his sad face when we got inside. No worries, the boot was saved. Yes, these are the details of my day.

My experiment with Jax in the mornings went well the last two days, but this morning he got sick at only about 40 minutes into his slow feed, so I guess I really can't control it all that much. He's doing fine otherwise, although he has become extremely clingy to me in the last day. He needs to be in my arms constantly and it's either because he may be getting sick or because he hasn't seen Jason now since Sunday. This morning the boys were saying DADA and looking up at the stairs when I was getting them dressed, and I kept telling them they'd be seeing him tonight.
Well it's a good thing they don't understand what that means because Jason got stuck in St. Louis with all the bad weather and won't be home until late tonight. The boys will get to see him when they wake up, but then they won't see him again until Saturday morning, so they better get their loving in with him tomorrow! I'm just happy Jason's safe! He's always stuck in bad weather in that area with either snow, rain or tornadoes it seems - it scares me when he's traveling in that kind of weather.

I was making Brady his lunch and Jaxon came by and took an oven glove out of the drawer and walked away. I followed and found him pretending to take food out of his play kitchen oven.

Look at these HAMS tonight!
(Jax on the left, Brady on the right)

They're saying CHEEEESE

Here's a 2 minute video of the boys showing off.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's getting hot in heere

Whew! I've got some pink shoulders from the last few days of being outside. We took the boys to Jason's softball game on Sunday, and it was so nice outside! The boys were actually rather well behaved so it was very enjoyable. They love looking at the Bonin baby twins, but we still need to remind them to not shake the carriers or throw their sippy cups directly IN the carrier either.

We've been working in the yard a lot (of course) and have about half of everything we want to do done. I think Jason has way too much fun pulling out old bushes with a chain and the truck. We found a birds nest in a tree right outside our patio door. There are about 4-5 baby birds and I love watching them! I keep trying to show the boys the baby birds but they just want to shake the tree or yell and make bird noises. Ahhh yes, little boys.

Jax has not been doing great the last few mornings. He's been having his full vomits either half way through or shortly after his breakfast feed. I was able to catch most of it with a basin while at the park on Sunday morning, so I'm pretty quick like a bunny in that regards. It's helpful to have his bib on when it happens so it can wipe away any vomit that comes out of his nose. I feel so bad making him wear a bib in public at this age, but it's helpful when he goes through these cycles. Jason thinks Jax just isn't used to warm weather and it's making him sick, but it may just be a virus running its course. It's hard to tell.
This morning I only gave him half his feed at a very slow rate and he kept that down, so I'll just modify his feeds again in the hopes this will pass soon.

In cute-news, I NEED to capture video of the boys singing to a song on TV. Jason and I were laughing SO hard watching them go through the motions that it must be seen by everyone. I'll try my best this week to catch it. Jason will be gone the entire week, so I'll do anything to keep us as occupied as possible!

Playing at the park.

The boys fawning over baby Drew while Craig peeks in during his game.

The boys watching a game with Jason and pretending to play too.

Brady driving around some perennials we were planting on Sunday.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today was such a gorgeous day and we certainly soaked up every moment of it! I gave the boys a surprise today and picked up two used Little Tikes Cozy Coupes for them from Craig's List. The boys went crazy when I pulled them out of the truck. They played in these cars the entire day. One of the cars is a fancy police car, and the other is the original plain red car, and of course they both fight over the simple red one, go figure!
Jason and I finally got the swing set stained. That is quite the job and we're so happy that it's done! We dug out some old landscaping on the side of the house tonight after the kids went to bed, and I swear it just never ends.

Jax is about the same with his health. He has good mornings and bad mornings. This morning he got sick when he woke up, but then ended up taking his breakfast after that fine. He was outside wearing his backpack for lunch and we think he got too hot because he got really sick. Jason leaned Jax over into the grass to vomit and I was shocked to see him bring up as much as he did. But after he was finished, he seemed a lot better. I brought him in for water and to wash his hands and head hoping that would cool him off. He hasn't thrown up like that in awhile.
I *think* he's close to calling me mama because he pauses now before calling me dada, and I heard him once or twice babble mama in his Turkish Twin Talk he has with Brady, but so far I'm just waiting on my toes to hear those magical words!

Brady is still keeping me smiling and laughing every single day. He is hysterical and such a little love bug. He has been keeping his 2 piece pj's on in bed lately, so that's such a great relief to not worry so much about him taking off his diaper in bed! He hasn't gotten out of his crib either, so that must have been a 2-day phase just to scare me! I know we need to transition him out of his crib sooner or later, but I'll take later! Especially since he runs into Jax's room like a wild monkey the moment he gets out of bed in the morning!

The finished swing set!

Jaxon threw his dirty diaper in the toilet. Yup, they're starting to understand where it will go soon enough! But I don't like finding it in there! I went to get the camera and Brady was about to take it out - gah! Get your hands out of the toilet child!

The boys loving their cars!

Brady proved that even the simplest toy can be confusing.

I seriously can not stop laughing...

I mean really...

My love bugs!

** Disclaimer: Brady was laughing through all the car incidents. I had tears from laughing so hard with him. He is SO funny!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting out!

In case I haven't mentioned it, we love sunny weather! We've been running around outside as if we've been cooped up all winter... oh yeah, we have! It's been kind of chilly, but it's warming up and fun to be out. We went to Jason's softball game yesterday and the boys loved running around like wild monkeys. I have to pretty much chase them around the whole time, so I'm hoping they'll want to sit and actually watch a game sooner or later. Brady pretended to "run bases" like the players, so that entertained me!

Jax's health is doing pretty good. He hasn't vomited yesterday or today, but I also gave him an ounce less of food each morning, so I'll give him a full feed again tomorrow and see how he does.

Jason cut, or I should say, buzzed the boy's hair off last night. A true sign that summer is upon us! He used a number 2 shield this time, and they still look bald to me! With their really light blond hair, you see right through it. I'll like it in a week or two I'm sure. Jax stays a lot cooler in the hot months with his hair buzzed off, although I swear it makes him look tinier than he already is. I'll be sure to get a picture of that in the next couple days to show you.

The boys with Jay at the ballpark.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yellow flowers

Jax's tummy seems to be a little sensitive in the morning. On Saturday morning, he somehow got the top of his bag open and he dumped out a lot of his formula, so we didn't get a true test if he would've gotten sick. Jason said that Jax sneezed, then gagged resulting in a small puke this morning half way through his feed, so we'll see how he does this week. He seems fine in the afternoon and evening at least.

I was up in Green Bay for my Goddaughter's baptism (Macy girl shout out!) and had a really great time visiting with one of my BFFs and her entire family. Jason stayed home with the boys just to keep Jax in his bubble from daycare-type toys (church nursery) until June when viral threats are down.

Jason took the boys for a walk at the zoo this morning, and when I got home, he was able to finally get the swing set power washed. It looks so nice just taking the surface layer off already. We'll be staining that entire thing next weekend, and I'll be happy when that's done.
Jason is in the middle of a battle with our lawn it seems. He has been aerating, seeding, weeding and feeding it and it still seems to be full of dandelions and other non-beautiful grass. I think Jason has been out in our yard working every weekend for hours on end and there's ALWAYS something else that needs to be done and we haven't even done our Memorial Day perennial flower planting yet.
He cut down tree branches, cut out exposed roots in the ground, trimmed bushes, pulled out fallen branches in our wooded areas, hauled out an old stump, mowed, cut out weeds, sprayed other weeds, hauled brush to the recycle center and brought back recycled mulch and top soil, and then of course, the entire above mentioned list of things to the grass. And naturally we're the only lawn in the neighborhood with "flowers" all over as the neighbor kids tell me. Yes, they also think our "yellow flowers" show our love for the Packers.
Ha! Maybe THAT'S why Jason is feverishly working to get rid of them!

Brady feeding his doll at dinner.

Then wiping his face clean.

And then having the girl doll (who he didn't feed) kiss the boy.
Jax makes Jason and I smooch every night before he goes to bed and he just screeches with laughter to push our faces together and see us pucker up.
I assume this is where Brady gets this idea!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cross your fingers

Well, I counted. Jax went 4 weeks and 2 days without vomiting, and I will have to stay positive for that fabulous run. Jax got sick this morning and yeah... I'm bummed out about it, but if I've learned anything, it's not to judge just one day.
It was really hot here yesterday, and our A/C is getting fixed Monday morning, so needless to say, it was pretty warm in the house. I had his bedroom window open and a fan going, but I could hear him moaning until about 11pm, so I had a feeling his tummy was bothering him. He woke up this morning and vomited up water and all the fun things in a morning tummy. I put his pump on slow and about 45 minutes into it, he emptied his tummy all over me.
The good news is that he finished his breakfast and had lunch just fine without any problems.
I'm hoping it's just a one-time thing, but he did have one bout of watery diarrhea right before bed last night... so I had a sad feeling he may start up a new cycle.
Who knows, maybe he'll be fine tomorrow! I told Jason he's not allowed to go on business trips anymore ;) I'm kidding and know it's purely coincidence. I actually had a nice 3 days alone with the boys. They were rather well behaved!
I'll keep you posted on Jax's progress, cross your fingers.
I hope everyone does something fun and enjoyable this weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

B's growin!

I think Brady is having a growth spurt. He seems to have shot up in height way more over Jax than he usually is, and he's getting heavy for me to lift out of things like his car seat and crib for the first time in his life. I just checked on him like I do every night around 10pm, and when I looked down at him sleeping, I noticed his body is starting to resemble a kid rather than a toddler. It's a strange feeling to put into words, but it's a bitter sweet feeling.
He's definitely been eating a lot more lately, so I'm interested to see where he falls on the growth chart at his 3 yr old appointment in July.
I was asked last weekend if the boys were "Irish twins", meaning they were born within a year of each other. I laughed and said that while they have some Irish heritage in them, they are in fact "actual twins" born the same day, er, minute. Many people don't understand how identical twins can be different heights and weights. I still think the boy's weights are within 2-3lbs of each other, so the height is the biggest difference right now... that, and Brady's GIANT head (he gets that from his Dad!).

Jax's health has remained amazing lately and I'm not counting down the days this time. The chiropractor asked, and I realized this is the first time I didn't have an exact number in my head and decided I'm going to keep it that way this time. I know it's been "weeks" and I'm loving it.
With all of the extra physical activity Jax has had with being outside in the nice weather, we notice his head tilt comes back within about 4 days of a chiropractor adjustment, so we've continued weekly adjustments when usually the lack of vomiting like this would allow him to go 10+ days without an adjustment. This is his first full summer really walking and running, so we certainly learn as we go along!
Jason is gone for work today (Wed) through Friday, and I'm hoping my superstition of things going wrong when he's gone is squashed this week. It's always uncanny, so here's to hoping that doesn't happen - so far so good!

The boys are still struggling with speech. Jax will try to imitate us a few times each day. He tries to say, "what's up DUDE" and it comes out, "uhh uhh DUUU". I'm still referred to as "dada" and can't wait to hear the words, "mama" some day. They always give me something to look forward to!

Jason's name on the score board at the Brewer's game on Tuesday night for his birthday.

Brady in the tub tonight. He loves to look at himself in the reflection of the tub faucet. He really likes to wear the Mr. Potato head glasses and look at himself this way. I'll have to catch that sometime!

Bath-time silliness. Jax is on the left, Brady on the right.

Jax followed Brady and put a foam bath letter in his mouth.

And then quickly realized he HATES things in his mouth!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

We've had a busy couple of days! I took the boys back down by the lake park on Friday with Krista and enjoyed the gorgeous day. I was able to get the entire house clean and we went grocery shopping that evening (interesting life events, huh?). We got some errands done on Saturday, played outside and the boys went on a long walk with Jason and Nana Letts. Jason and I celebrated his 30th birthday with some friends at dinner that evening and had a fun evening out - his birthday is actually Tuesday and we'll be enjoying a night at the Brewer game for it!
Today was a wonderful Mother's Day. Jason always makes this day special for me and I couldn't appreciate it more. We were a little slow moving this morning from being up late the night before, but we were able to still get to the zoo for our first trip of the year. The boys LOVED it and wanted to walk a lot more than being in the wagon. We went to lunch, and other than Brady dumping his milk all over himself, it was rather successful. I was spoiled with gifts from all my boys and really enjoyed my day. I'm so thankful that I get to celebrate this day and be the mother of these fantastic boys. And of course... I get to be the wife to a fantastic husband. I hope everyone's mother's day was wonderful and all moms out there felt appreciation for all that they do!

* Oh, and as a special end-of-the-night gift from the boys tonight, they hugged and smooched each other during their bath. It melted me!!

The boys making mother's day cards.

Big B... I have no idea what he's doing.

The boys loving the piano at Krista's house.

Jason and his birthday cake! Look at that handsome ham!

The boys giving a high 5 to a lion at the zoo today.

Hey Sidney, look at these cool shirts!

The boys wanting to walk and hold my hand instead of riding in the wagon.

I tried to get a good Mom's day photo, and this is the best we could pull off!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi baybay

We have continued good health here and we're loving it. I'm not sure how close my scale is to the doctor's, but I weighed Jax yesterday and he seems to have gained about a POUND since his last GI appt just over 3 weeks ago. It's amazing how his body works when he's not actively sick. He also peed all over the scale and then tried to clean it up.

Brady seems to be getting more and more frustrated with his lack of speech. He doesn't know how to tell us what he wants at times and it turns into him crying and screaming over something as simple as he wants the banana peel left half on.

We visited the Bonin babies last night and the boys weren't as chaotic over there as they have been in the past. Don't get me wrong, they're still curious monkeys, but I was able to hold a baby and visit for a bit! It's great to see preemies doing so well! Jax loved looking at the babies and kept saying "Hi baybay", "bye baybay".
On our way home we stopped for some frozen custard and of course Big B was LOVING it. I gave some to Jax and he made the most AWFUL face, but then kept opening his mouth for more. We think the cold feeling bothered him, but he seemed to love the taste! He did multiple big open mouth bites for us!

Brady used the babies' bouncy chair as his own personal recliner to watch the baseball game.

The boys wanted to help Craig change Drew's diaper. I'm sure these guys would be SUPER helpful with duties like this...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Whew! I feel like we've been outside non-stop since Friday. Well, I guess we kinda have. The boys are doing great and have been running around outside like wild monkeys. On Saturday, Jason and Dennis moved a swing set to our house! We bought a used Rainbow system from a friend, and had to break it down and haul it this weekend. The kids are getting a very nice early birthday gift!
We just need to power wash it and re-stain it. We had hoped to have that all done on Sunday, but our power wash sprayer broke and now we're waiting for the replacement to be delivered this week. I think it will look really polished with some TLC.

All the boys prepping the ground for the new base. The old sandbox/burn pit was left from the last owner's of the house and their swing set system.

Here it is! There's a rock climbing wall on the other side, a picnic table underneath and a sandbox. I'm looking into a teeter totter swing for the boys, but really this just needs to be re-stained and should last many years.